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Friday, April 18, 2008

Back to work

My first week of school after the spring break is over already! I thought this week was going to be a real drag. But it was eventful! On Wednesday, for the first time, Ash and I had a family over for dinner. My old friends. In all, i cooked for 6 adults and 2 bratty kids. And it was a success!!! YAY! Am soooo appy!! My fears about my cooking are slowly disappearing. I've realised the key to cooking great tasting food is to be calm and not hurried while cooking and to plan in advance!
Here it is folks! free cooking advice! come grab it!


  1. Hi,
    Thanx for visiting my blogs and taking time out to comment on each one. Your grandma's battleplan for making you drink milk was wonderful. If there is an ally (and another reluctant-to-drink- milk kid), then this plan seems foolproof.

    I really liked your blog, took me back to my initial-year-of-being-married with the thrill and tension of cooking for guests, my mom doting over the spouse,as well as the-frustrations-of-teaching-brats (though mine are considerable older than yours, being college students) etc.

    Do post some of the stuff you cooked/cook, I love to try new stuff. I have a cousin who's in Chennai for the past two years, after the initial language barriers, she has fallen in love with the place and people.

    Keep posting, and do visit again and share your memories/comments

  2. Thank you for the encouraging comments Sucharita! They keep me going!

    If you can look past the heat, grime, nasty auto drivers and the coovum river(drainage system) Chennai, is a beautiful city filled with beautiful people!

  3. well.. it sure helps to be calm while cookin.. but how many great cooks out there have benefitted from "accidentally" not planning in advance?? have been through that phase a million times.. most of the times with stayovers at frenz' places in Bangalore.. a lil too much chilli powder.. n then the panicky scurry to find a dash of milk or a smidgen of vinegar to reduce the smoke comin through the ears.. to me its the experimenting with perspective that really makes a good cook.. but then again plannin wouldn't hurt now would it??

  4. Thanks for the feedback Anup!

    The "accidents" you mentioned happen to me all the time. But "experimenting with perspective" sure sounds like a good idea.