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Monday, June 9, 2008

My Father's Arms

When I was a little Girl, My Father was my Hero. There was nothing he couldn't do. One of my favorite things he did was pick me up and toss me up in the air and catch me as I fell down. For me, my Father knew everything. He had answers for all my questions.
He and my mother used to teach me to swim in the river near my grandparents house in Kerala. He would hold out his long, strong arms and I would flop onto them, splashing my arms and legs in an attempt to swim. Slowly, he would take his arms away....soon enough I would realise something was missing... As I began panicking, Appa would show me his arms... not holding me, but just a little below me... ready to catch me in case I panic!

My Amma's favorite verse from the Bible (which she would quote when she taught me swimming in the similar way ) was this

"The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms..... "Deut 33:27

The message last sunday at Church was about trusting God as Children trust their Fathers. It triggered precious memories and inspired this poem.

My Father's Arms

Here a worry, there a doubt
Like weeds in my mind they sprout.
Can I?
Should I?
Questions in need of answers
To my heart I cannot lie.

"A leap of faith is what I need" I tell myself.
"No questions. Just taking heed,
Letting my saviour lead."

He promises to be faithful.
Dare I trust Him?
In leaping, what if I fall?
Will they laugh?
Is there a safety net?

"Dearest daughter Deepa," He says,
"I don't want a leap, just a step!
When you are still learning to walk,
Would I make you jump?"

"Walk... one step a time...toward me
That underneath you
Are my everlasting arms."


  1. Deepa, thats so beautiful. I love the verse your mum used.
    So proud to have you as my friend...umah

  2. nice poem...really well written...u should write more

  3. thank u guruji!
    I used to write poetry as a kid... and then forgot all about it! I guess blogging opened the creative door once again!

  4. you wrote that???...awesome!!!!!..i like it muchos...

  5. i've read it again and again..and i like it more and more..simple truth and simple faith..very well written teacheramme..
    -LOL again :)

  6. I left a really long comment earlier, and just checking back in and didn't see it here. So wanted to make sure that you know how much I appreciated what you left on my comments. Thank you so much for pointing out what you did. I have so much to think about...

    Love your poem and story...KC

  7. Deepa,

    what a wonderful thought, and so right for the approaching Father's Day.

    BTW, I got to know your first name, so a bif thanks to your dad for that.

  8. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    you are fantastic!!!

    god bless u dear

    can we exchange our link

    r u ready to do?

  9. i hear you! my dad was/is my hero too. what a cute poem. thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. hope you come visit again!

  10. i cant help but go aww!!!
    its beautiful ... really ...
    and thats one really nice quote !!!

    p.s. :
    seeing shantaram and nicholas sparks on your bookshelf ....
    i think you are awesome !!!
    one great bookshelf you have there girl !!!!!!