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Monday, August 11, 2008

Heart Stopping, Pulse Raising, Breathless happiness!

I've been mulling over the best choice of words to use for this post, as I think this is probably the most important one to date.

The Paunch and the Scatterbrain are expecting their first baby!!!!!

We are sooooooooo excited, we can hardly contain ourselves. And that is the reason behind the Heart Stopping, Pulse Raising, Breathless happiness I mentioned in the title!

As of now our baby is 6 weeks old. She is 0.36cm long and has a heart beat of 108 beats per minute!! I say "her" and "she" in the hope that the baby is a girl. Ive always wanted a girl. But I will not know until the baby is born. Sadly, the Indian Govt. rules sex determination as punishable by law. This is because of the high rate in female foeticide in India. How sad!

I had my first ultrasound scan day before yesterday and I was amazed! They were able to pick up the heartbeat of a teeny weeny 0.36cm long foetus. That is by far the most beautiful music I've heard all my life. I heard it only for a few seconds but it reverberates in my mind. I can only thank God for our little miracle!

It was hard for me to believe that I'm actually pregnant. But now that I've heard her, I know I love her. Whether its a girl or a boy, whether she's going to be normal or not, as long as our baby comes to this world, aliver and kicking, we will love her.

I cannot imagine how a mother can allow her baby to be killed. There is such joy in knowing you are a part of the miracle of making a baby! You may call me judgemental, but even a 6 week old foetus is a baby let alone one thats grown to 25 weeks! It is a living person in the process of being made. What authority do we have to take the baby's life? I think abortion equals murder. I've always thought so, and now, my feeling only are stronger.

OK... My post has moved from excitement to anger. Ive been advised by everyone I know to think only happy thoughts. So I guess I'd better stop my train of thoughts there.

As for me, I am happy. I am confident in the knowledge that God knows best. I am assured of my family's support through thick and thin. I am going to be a mother.

Could life get better??? Oh yes! The party has just begun!


  1. Congratulations!!! Oh, baby's are just wonderful. And giving your body - watching it change and your belly grow, feeling kicks and movements, well there is nothing else like it. I hope that you are able to enjoy your pregnancy.

  2. i feel like im going to be an uncle :P

  3. i heard from S that you guys are expecting..congrats!!!!!!!!! :) :)..I see that you're really excited since your post has an unusual coupla typos..hehe :)..

  4. To Nandu:
    Thank you! Hugs!

    To Lis:
    Thank you! I didn't know you were reading my blogs! As of now Im alrioght and I think I will enjoy my pregnancy!

    To Mac:
    Oye! You are Ungle! But, we'll make the baby call you divappacha (meaning div-grandad)

    To Mr LOL:
    Thank you! I am excited! But isn't it just like you to fin out my typos!!! ha ha! What are they by the way?

  5. oops! there's another typo! I meant "find" and not "fin"

  6. oops! there's another typo! I meant "find" and not "fin"

  7. ah..what do typos matter when you're having a baby!!!! :D..i'll be visiting india during the last week of november...and i'll be comin to chennai too so hopefully we can meet :)..too bad the baby wont be born by'll be years before i get to see "her" then :(..

  8. Yay!!!!!
    come stay with us when you are here!!!

  9. Congrat!!!! I am so happy for you. Take good care of yourself...and above all "God Bless You"

  10. OH MY GOD, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! this is such wonderful news. GOD BLESS all the three of you.

    Soon, you'll be sharing your husband's nickname...and we'll be seeing all babycare and prgnancy books on your shelfari bookshelf.

    but really, this is a fabulous time. Enjoy your pregnancy, sleep and keep well, because the little bundle will make everything topsy-turvy on her/his arrival and sleep will be the first thing to go out of the window. So, stock up on sleep as much as you can in these pre-delivery weeks.

  11. Thank you Sukku! God bless you too!

    You're excitement at my news made my day! Thank you for the advice! Everyone has been telling me to stock up on sleep! If only such a thing were possible in reality!! sigh!

  12. hehe :)..if the offer is still standing by the time i come, i will def come over and stay with you guys.. :)..

  13. whoops..forgot to sign the previous post..this is so you know who i am :P

  14. Congratulations! What wonderful news! I'm sorry to be so late in my response, but I'm thrilled for you and your husband. Many happy wishes for you and your family.