So far, by God's grace

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tired of my blog template!

I think my blog's template is boring! I want some bright colors, stripes & swirls, maybe even polka dots to brighten this up! The templates blogger offers are all boring and this one is the best among the ones I found there. I want to add my own pictures to my blog header like i've seen on some blogs.

But HOW??? I have very limited computer skills.

You kind souls out there, please help!!! Be my blog angel!

P.S.. I also fed up with the limited fonts I have here on blogger. I want more!!! gimme more!!!!

(chee! *south indian expression of disgust, that could be accompanied with spitting* I am so greedy!)


  1. yes.. u need a change.. try this site

    just download the template u want, its quite easy