So far, by God's grace

Sunday, February 1, 2009

prayers needed!

Here's something you could do for me. 

Paunch's dad is scheduled to have a bypass surgery of the heart on Monday. Feb 2nd. So, you could pray!

Please pray that
  • God gives the doctors wisdom to do everything right
  • the surgery is successful
  • He will recover quickly
  • Mom-in-Law continues to feel peace through out the whole thing.
  • He will be a cheerful recoverer
Right now, Dad-in-Law is at his cheerful best except when he has his occasional chest pain.  I am totally in awe of that. He says he's going to get all the cobwebs cleaned out of his heart so he can be fit as a fiddle to play with his first grandson! (ya... for some reason he's sure we're going to have a boy!!) 

ok...I'm going to stop there. Will be back on Monday or Tuesday to let you know how things are!


  1. we were going to come today after lunch, but they said no visitors, so i guess we will catch him after the cobwebs are cleaned :) will be praying...!!

  2. thank you for your prayers and support. He's recovering!

  3. Sorry, I'm late, but I hope everything is fine. The prayers and best wishes of my entire family are with you and with your husband and your family.