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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby's breath

I smelled it for the first time today! Baby's breath.... and it is the sweetest scent I've known.

Its Saturday and so the Paunch was here. He comes here every weekend from Chennai. We spent about an hour just lying down on either side ouf our little baby, gazing at her perfect little face, watching her little chest rise and fall as she slept, smelling her sweet baby breath. She smiles in her sleep! I know all newborns do that, but each time we see her smile, we fall in love with her all over again! She makes a million faces even in sleep! I wonder what she's dreaming about! She's had just 16 days on this earth and all she has seen so far are the blurry images her still-adjusting-to-this-world-eyes have sent to her brain. The only thing she has tasted so far is her mother's milk. The only voices she's heard are those of her family. Yet, I'm sure she's felt the immense loved poured out on her by everyone who has come to see her.

And that... I guess is reason enough for her to smile!

oh... this post was initially meant to be about her baby breath and then I got sidetracked by her smile.

She's sleeping now by the way and her father is lying next to her watching her sleep! One of our friends asked us how we keep ourselves occupied when she's sleeping (since she sleeps a LOT) and we said "oh! we just watch her sleep!". Believe me, there's not a dull moment when you are a parent! I am beginning to understand that!


  1. hey I just came back to blogworld/FB and wow I am so happy for you. What a blessing indeed..take good care and hope I get to see your little angel one of these days :)

  2. awwwwww......that's so sweet!!! Now am just waiting to do the same :)

  3. Congrats on having a baby who sleeps a lot. And your beautiful post took me back to the memories of my own babies' breath - so soft, so sweet, so precious.

  4. That is the treasure that god has gifted you which you cherished ever. She smiles when awake and when in sleep and she is trying to entertain you both and the god.
    Congrats! have a nice time.

  5. Congrats.....and your little one is lovely....Have been reading your blog time and again...linked from Sucharita's page...lovely real, so touching....keep up the flow...and I hope to continue reading

  6. To PennY: Welcome back! I hope we get to see you too!

    Madhu: Your lil one will be her soon!! yay!! Cant wait for Nanma and her lil cousin to meet!

    Nandu: :)...thanks for the call... a reall cheer-upper!

    Sucharita: Thank you! When she cries, I wish she'd sleep a little more!!

    Pradip: thanks!

    Koel: Thanks for coming by and for commenting this time. Please keep reading!

  7. i should let my wife read this, she would love this. :)