So far, by God's grace

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A wasted warning

I was warned by some well meaning friends that I'd have to expect feeling hatred towards my husband when I go through labour or during the first month of being a mother. Apparantly this happens because women tend to think its their husbands fault for having put them in this helpless situation.
Of course I did go through a rough first to weeks post partum, but it only made me fall in love with my Paunch all the more! Come one, seriously, how can you not look at something like this and not melt??
What a waste of a warning!


  1. Nowadays, with dads being more hands-on (and, going by your picture, more sleep-along) than ever before, it is time to junk those old warnings.

  2. Nandu: why dont u prove 'em wrong too?

    Sucharita: True!

  3. you have an angel of a baby. she is so cute.:)