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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not Me Tuesday

Not Me Monday is a blog carnival hosted by Mck Mamma a wonder woman who's blog I have been following for the past 2 years. It's a fun form of therapy. Read on...

Over the past week, I did not write a post about all the bad stuff that happened to me the previous week, with the main intention of garnering some sympathy. I would never do something as low as that. And even if I did, why would I admit it here??

I did not lose my cool with my 7 month old daughter and yell at her for repeatedly trying to roll over and bite her new diaper when I was diaper changing. I am a very calm and composed woman who believes in quietly but firm discipline.

While out at Sparkys for dinner, I did not try to feed my lil chakakuru mashed potato laden with bad bad butter just to shut her up! And when she refused to eat it, I did not wonder if she were really mine and Paunch's child. And when I saw her make her "pooping face" I did not pull at her diaper right there at our table, in front of our friends, peer in and sniff and gag at the horrendous stench she had generated. I am not that uncouth and my Daughter's poop usually smells of apples, cherries and watermelons!

Hah!! What do you think of me?? I, Scatterbrain am such a classy woman that I could never even think of writing such disgusting things on my blog. It's all my crazy alter-ego's work.


  1. yes you def DID NOT pull at her diaper.... and you def DID fill our table with smell of apples and cherries !! LOL

  2. I'm so laughing! One of my friends did the same thing with her daughter - right in the middle of the restaurant! I was in shock!

  3. @ Amri: Thanks my friend!

    @ Aleta: Ha ha....I am not alone!

    @Primitive: He he... we all think too much of ourselves sometimes!! ;)

  4. Hi! You commented on my "Not Me! Monday" last week, it was my first one and now I'm just a little bit addicted. What a great way to confess all the not so great things we've done the past week, I'm off to do my next one now :)