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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Me??? Not Me!!!!!!!!!

Remember my previous post where I requested prayer for little Stellan??? Well, the surgical procedure on his little heart was a miraculous success and he is SVT free for the rest of his life!!!!! What an awesome God we have!!!!!!!

So, now that all's well with the Mck Family, and now that our prayers worldwide have been answered, its time once again for some therapy, and here it comes! Feel free to join in the fun. Just head over to Mck Mama's blog and sign yourself up for some 'Not Me' fun!

I am not a lazy girl who hasn't blogged in ages!! No! I do not keep the few faithful readers I have waiting for a blog post.

Don't you know? There are a lot of things a girl like me wouldn't be caught dead doing. Like these for instance:
  • Wear denim capris to work without shaving my legs, and have a student tell me "Ms! My father have same legs like you!"...............YIKES!!
  • Pretend that my baby is having a hard time falling asleep just so I can watch her sleep peacefully AND miss family prayer!!!
  • Wade through murky, smelly, calf deep water (which necessitated wearing capris to work) to get to the car, to get to the van to get to work! hmmpf! I live in a mansion on a mountain and have palanquin bearers to carry me over even the smallest puddle!!!!
  • Borrow something from a colleague and forget to return it even though its been in my bag everyday..... for 2 weeks!!!!
hmm.... there are a LOT of things I would do, but these I certainly wouldn't!!!

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  1. I read MckMama's blog a while back...glad to know that Stellan is doing good.

    "Mansion on a mountain"...that's a good description :)