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Friday, May 28, 2010

If you were a fly on my classroom wall

My kids.

I have two kinds.

First, it's my baby girl and the next one(s?) to come. (No. Not pregnant. I just know in my heart that I'll have more kid(s?) some day)

Second, my students. They were my 'kids' long before a lil tiny peanut started growing in my tummy. And though in my life, they'll never be on the topmost rungs of my priority list, they still do matter a lot.

So, here are a couple of things you would have heard if you were a fly on my classroom wall this past week.

Every morning, my class sits in a circle on our colorful alphabet rug for a "morning meeting". Here they get to share exciting/boring/happy/sad stuff they've experienced. Sometimes they get to do a "show and tell". So this particular day, a little girl was talking about how her baby sister was crying all night and her parents couldn't hear her as their door was locked. This started an arguement among the kids as to why the parents couldnt hear the baby cry. So one kid says, "I can't hear any noise, only sometimes, when Father and Mother jumping on the bed" to which most of the kids agreed, that, yes, their parents like jumping on the bed too!! Ooopsie! Time for the next activity!!

We are currently learning about natural disasters. After reading aloud from a book about earthquakes, I told them about the time when I was in college & we felt the tremors (aftershocks of the Gujarat Quake). Immediately, they wanted to know "Did people die?" and I said "Not in Chennai, but in Gujarat, many people died)". Pat came the next question from 2 little mouths at the same time "What about you?"

My little grade 2 troopers went in to a 3rds grade class to watch their "Rainforest Presentation" . They watched as the BIG 3rd graders put up a fantastic show on the the rainforest ecosystem. The word 'mating' was thrown around quite a bit as the 3rd graders presented facts about the diffrent animals that live in the rainforest! (On an aside, did you know that Jaguars mate once a day? ) On the way back, I heard one boy ask the other "what is mating?"
Other boy: "Oh, it means making friends."
This boy: "making friends? like classMATE?"
Other boy: "yeah"
This boy: "Hmmph! Then I am mating everyday too, at recess and lunch break, and even in class!"



  1. Hahaha that was indeed funny... :)

  2. LOL - loved that last one and the one about jumping on the bed. No wonder kids think it's ok to jump on the bed when they are young if they "hear" their parents jumping too. Lol.

    Yesterday was Mom's last day of the school year with the children. She teaches 5th grade. Dad wants Mom to "retire retire" (She is officially a "retired returned" after only "retiring" for half a day, which was required to be retired returned..), but I don't believe Mom will retire next year. She loves her work and I can tell that you do too. Think of how many lives you have brought joy and education to!

  3. @ Open Book : Yes, it was!!
    @Aleta: Do congratulate your mom from me! because, for all it's "glamour" I do sometime want to tear my hair out in frustration with this job!!
    @Primitive: I just read it all over again and laughed out loud!!

  4. kids are so cute! I seriously wish I had your job! wanna trade?