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Friday, June 4, 2010

Quirky Me!

The other day, as I was talking to my friends, I asked them "Do you ever talk to yourself? Aloud" and one of them said "Never!"...hmm... Well, it was quite a surprise to me, because I thought it was natural to do so... when no one's around, that is!! my friends thought i was funny, and cute for doing that. I think its just a kinder way of saying " You're queer, but we love you" . Anyway, that got me thinking about my quirks.
I thought I'd share them with you.

  1. I talk aloud/think aloud when I am alone at home or walking somewhere, even when I'm riding my scooter on a lonely stretch.
  2. When I'm in a public restroom and there are cubicles, I always take the 2nd one. Never the first or the last!
  3. If I am walking to a meeting or somewhere that I'm a little nervous about, I count my steps. I dont remember the final number, and I most often get the numbers all muddled up, but I just start over... i just count.
  4. When I see a burning candle, I have an irresistable urge to dip my little finger in the wax.
  5. I love love love water, and I love getting wet - be it in the rain, a swimming pool, the beach or anywhere else where there is water.
  6. My most fervent prayers and conversations with god are done in the bathroom, while showering.
  7. I am a visual thinker. I am horrible at math and have pictures for all numbers from 0-100. After that, only important numbers (I deem them important) have pictures like multiples of 5 and numbers like 101, 911, 365 and such.
  8. I dream everyday. I even remember dreams from my childhood. My dad is a psychiatrist and so he encouraged me to share my dreams at the breakfast table
  9. I talk, laugh, cry and sing in my sleep. I dont sleepwallk but I sleep sit.
  10. I once sent my mom an SMS at 4 am in the morning, in my sleep because in my dream, I had just come home after para gliding and I wanted to tell her I was safe home. I got a call at 6am the next day from a very worried mom who wanted to know where I went at 4 am!!!
  11. I can hold semi-meaningful conversations with other sleep talkers (my parents, cousins and husband are witnesses to this)
  12. I'm lazy. I'd rather take the elevator than climb stairs.
  13. I am very touchy, huggy and kissy with my family but not so even with my closest friends.
  14. I believe in happily ever afters and i cry at movies (even ones like 300)

hmmm.... thats all i want to share for now, but there are more.

I AM quirky.


  1. - I just loved the public toilet bit boz for some strange reason I do so too. Never the first for me! Maybe I just assume it's the first, closest and so the most urgent ones just dash in, and at times may not quite make it till the seat. That makes it over-used and under-cleaned..whatever the reason it's not for me.
    Reading through it once again there are a few more of the quirky stuff that I indulge in, with a little variation.
    - A burning candle and I just cannot stop myself from doing a quick swing of my finger through the flame. Used to be a big thing during my school days, passing your finger through the bright orange flame. It still excites me.
    - Water, water...any day for me. The rains are my personal favourite. The first showers and there I am smiling and dreaming.
    - Horrible at Maths is ME. Though I never got creative enough to dress it up with visuals. Nice idea!
    - Sleep so glad I haven't got there yet. How oh how would i keep all those secrets, all those fantasies I hope to live some day. It's probably the only time I don't talk. Thank God for that!
    - I am lazy though I drag myself up the stairs in my unsuccessful efforts at shedding post-preg kilos.
    - I love crying at movies.

  2. that list made me smile :)

  3. I love that you were able to gather all the thoughts in one place! It would be great to see more!

  4. O! my! eerie.. the list is pretty much the same for me. Except maybe talking in sleep and public toilets. I never use public bathrooms.A 20 hr flight and iw ills till hold it till I get home.. ehehe
    About talking to myself. I do when I am homesick and want to hear/speak in Malayalam.. I do that when I am alone in the kitchen cooking. I crack jokes and laugh at it.
    I may look absolutely crazy if someone saw me at it. But i am sane enough to do it when i am alone.