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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I made garlic rolls!

Since I am a teacher and all, I thought I'd do this post in classic Q & A style.

Who likes garlic bread?
Answer: Me and my entire family.

Question: Who didnt know how to make them at home?
Answer: Me.... (oh yeah... and my entire family too)

Question: Who saw an amazingly droolworthy recipe for garlic pull-apart rolls here?
Answer: Me... (only me this time)

Question: Who kept going back to that webpage again and again for 3 days just to look at the said droolworthy garlic rolls and read the simple, step by step with pictures recipe?
Answer: Me. (Hubby dearest has kind of given up on blogs and lil girl can't actually read althought she can sing the "ae,bee,she,bee"* song)

*(the ABCD song)

Question: Who bought 3 different kinds of yeast from 3 different shops in the hope that one of those would work, because aunties living abroad seem to forget bringing good yeast when they come since nowadays since shopping for cute things for a grand-niece is funner than bringing yeast for an easily forgettable niece?
Answer: Me. (Yes, I'm weird like that! And I like long, made up adjective and adverb filled sentences, even though I am an English Language teacher!)

Question: How many people does it take to make one batch of garlic-pull apart rolls?
Answer: 4. One (me) to mix the ingredients, knead the dough and pop it into the oven. One best friend to baby sit the kids (hers and mine). two troublesome toddlers to keep interfering checking to make sure things are running smoothly.

Question: How did it turn out?
Answer: Wonderfully well. Garlic never tasted better!

Question: Who ate it?
Answer: Me and my whole family! (here we are again, in case u missed us) and my best friend and her whole family.

Question: How long did it take to finish
Answer: A wink. Don't know how long that is, go to a mirror, close your eyes and open it immediately. Thats how long!!!! *

* Ok. I admit. I exaggerated.

Question: Who's riding high on success and just the thought of making those rolls again?
Answer: Me! (Hmm... but that was an easy one! You should have guessed that by now!)

LOL... I loved writing this post!


  1. and i loved reading it!!! :D

    so glad they came out well :)

  2. Why the family liked garlic rolls (nope, no idea what that is) was maybe because you didn't know how to cook it in the first place. Now that you have, maybe hubby, kid and friend might go for some bread rolls available only in a German Bakery. Sorry if me being a bit sarcastic. :o) About the made up adjectives, Carry on, some might turn up in a newer edition of Oxford Dictionary. ;-)

  3. Garlic bread... ok, now I want some too. My family loves garlic bread as well :)