So far, by God's grace

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 pictures that speak a million words.

There was a time when this was my favorite picture. My picture of the two people I loved the most in the world. This picture was taken just outside the labour room, right after Nanma was born. I asked Ashwin what he was thinking as this picture was taken. He said he was simply awestruck at God's creation.

When I see it, I see joy, pride, thankfulness and "Phew! Its over!" on his
face. This was one of my top favorite pictures....

until last weekend.

When this one took its place. And again, here are the two loves of my life, standing on the beach at high tide, looking out into the ocean.

Once again, this picture speaks a million words. When Ashwin posted this as his profile picture on facebook, a friend commented "she will treasure this when she is older". I do. And I certainly hope Nanma does too.

I hope that as she grows up, she will know what a treasure her Appa is!


  1. wow..i love reading ur post Deepa..May God bless your lovely family...Nanma is blessed to have parents like you.

  2. Seriously brought tears to my eyes. If there is anything that makes me smile, when looking back on life ..its the 'appa time'. My dad was my hero.. you know, in fact still is!

  3. @Esther: Thank you. Your little ones are blessed too!!

    @Mannaunty: My Appa is my hero too!! In fact I have a post about our special Appa-daughter moments coming up soon!