So far, by God's grace

Monday, January 10, 2011

The New Year- A peek into whats to come

Its been a little more than a week since my last post. I'm already beginning to like this new year. No, nothing fantastic has happened....not yet. But there's something nice about new beginnings, isn't there?

I've made a few resolutions. I didn't actually make them on 31st night. (That night was spent at a cousin's bachelor party! ) I made these resolutions over the last week. So far, by God's grace, I've managed to hold on to them.

Here's one change you will notice. You will be hearing a lot more about the God I love and serve in the coming days. I'm not going to apologise for that. I know I have a diverse audience reading this blog. You may not share my faith, but I have to share what I feel compelled to share. 2011 has brought a fresh start for me with God, and that is what I am most excited about this year.

I've resolved to write accounts daily (I haven't been doing that. foolish me) , to save more, to tithe without fail (haven't been doing that either - stoooopid me) and to strive to be a little less scatterbrained (my scatterbrainedness has actually brought me more grief than joy). I am also battling a very recent addiction to chocolate.

I will also be posting regular updates on my little foofoo - my bundle of goodness who seems at times to be nothing more than a bundle of naughtiness. She's growing up faster than I ever imagined she would !

hmm.... so folks, that's it...a sneak peek into whats in store for you if you want to continue reading here at my blog.


  1. Hey Deepa! That's a great set of resolutions! Really looking forward to your posts this year after the sneak peak - thanks! Love your honesty on this blog, its so refreshing. May God bless all of you especially this year. Lots of love, Amy and Arpit

  2. I LOVE that you are feeling compelled to voice your faith more... I have been feeling the same and I know how intimidating/exciting it is!!! You are such a faithful child, and I cant wait to see what He has in store for you!

    Be blessed-