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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nod, nod, Noddidy nod

I found this today . Well, I didn't, someone else did and posted the link on their blog . Now I'm going to do the same .
Not because this is some tag or chain mail kind of thing in the blog world. (there's got to be a name for that. I just don't know) But because as I read this woman's words, I found myself nodding, nodding and noddidy* nodding in agreement .

And since I loved it, I'm sharing it with you !

It looks very very wordy, and it is . But please do me a favour and read it through till the end .

Just click here .... no .... HERE!

* I made up that word. I googled "noddidy" and there is no link to such a word . I'm the first person in the world to make up something so splentacular ! Be very thrilled that you read it first over here . Unfortunately 'splentacular' is already in use by some crazies like me or i'd have claimed that too !

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