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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Happy Update!

So I asked Ashwin's 2 best buddies if they'd drive me to the airport . You see my hubby had forbidden me from calling a driver or hiring a taxi so late in the night. Both of them (bless them) volunteered until they heard the time. Ashwin's flight was to land at 3am!!!! So Div (aka Macabreday) backed out and Marky (aka Babu) had the privilage of waking up bright and early to chauffeur me to the airport.

I jumped up and down and waved as I caught a glimple of Ashwin walking towards baggage claim. The I remembered his plea the other day. " Please, please don't make a fool of yourself at the airport. No crying, no garlands or other pranks pleeeeease!"
And so I thought... " OK. I'll just have to clasp, unclasp, twist and wring my hands out till he comes out."

After what seemed like an eternity, I got to see my husband - beaming from ear to ear and a few kilos heavier. I guess I'll have to blame all the pork and sausage in Poland for that. Anyway, we drove home, listening to Ash show off all the Polish he'd picked up and me putting up with all the "get a room, guys" kind of jabs from Marky.

Anyway, We reached home past 4am and about 5 minutes later Nanma woke up crying. I told her I had a surprise for her and brought her into our living room. As soon as she spotted her Appa she lunged forward and leapt into his arms. She rested her head on his shoulder, clung tight to him and stayed that way for some time. It was such a sweet sight to see. She had been missing him a lot and every night she would say "Appa will come tomorrow". And now he's here!

It took a while for her to get back to sleep. She wanted to sleep between us and kept hugging and kissing Ashwin until sleep took over.

Sigh! I'm terribly tired now. I'm at school. Kids haven't come in yet and I don't know how Im going to get through the day with just 2 hours of sleep behind me. And yet, this is a 'happy tired' feeling.

Tomorrow is here! The sun is brighter, the grass greener, people are lovelier and life is just happier having the love of my life back home!


  1. U should be on leave today... what the hell r u doing at work????

    oh and i DID NOT back out ok :)

  2. @mac:Then why weren't you outside my house at 3am?? LOL.... don't worry. I know...And, I don't have any more leave left. My school gives me 7 days leave in a year. I took 6 when my maid was sick/on leave and 3 when Nanma was sick and 1 sick leave for myself. Now all done!

  3. I am appalled at Mac! Backed out! He would have been the perfect choice. he doesnt go to bed till 2.30am. So all he would have had to do is finished the run to airport and got to bed an hour late.
    tsk! Tsk!(shaking head)
    Glad you got your sunshine back and as for Nanma.. I could feel it here as I read about it!

  4. Awwwww. So cute. :)

  5. I can really identify with Ashwin!! And btw - does he read your blog by any chance?!! He must be mortified at times!! Just kidding! Have a great time together again!

  6. @Mannaunty: Actuaslly Div didn't back out. He lives too far away. Thats all.
    @ Rox: :)
    @Arpit: Well, He's not much of a reader so he hardly reads here, unless I make him!

  7. gr8 homecoming indeed for ashwin..