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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Play School

One of the highlights of my Summerbreak has been putting Nanma in Playschool. After a LOT
of searching, praying, debating and whatever else, we finally settled on a playschool for Nanma. When I am at work, she is taken care of by our nanny/maid who is a wonderful grandmotherly person. But Nanma was bored. On June 27th we took Nanma to her playschool - Kinderstand. Ashwin and I were nervous but Nanma was excited. After the initial excitement of playing with the tricycles and the ball pit, she spotted the trampoline.
"Aaah! Jumping jumping!!!" She screamed as she ran to it, clambered up and began bouncing away." She seemed so happy, I didn't feel like telling her we were going to leave her there for an hour.

Just that morning, Ashwin had prayed with her telling her Jesus would be with her at school. He was standing at a distance, being a man and not showing how bad he felt. I of course, could do no such thing. I bent down to tell her "Nanma, Appa and Amma are going now. You will play by yourself at school. After you eat your snack, I will come to pick you up. Don't cry, we WILL come to take you home"

She looked at me, waved to her Appa and said " Appa Amma po. Jesus Nanmade koode ondu" (Appa, Amma go. Jesus is with Nanma)

I had to furiously gulp those tears down, waved goodbye and waited till I was safely inside the car and under my dark glasses before I let my inner crybaby come out!

I am so proud of my little baby girl who is growing up way too fast these days!

Here she is again, all set for school. I don't know what exactly her understanding of Jesus is. But my greatest desire for her is that she grows to realise e of Jesus with all her heart.
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  1. What a lovely dress and an even lovelier looking little girl!
    May Jesus continue to bless her!

  2. the way u are investing Jesus in this lil ones heart...Nanma is blessed to have u as her parents..God bless ur lil family..i am sure Deepa that the seed u are sowing in her heart will bring fruit soon...btw she is looks adorable in that red dress..

  3. Shame on you who cried. :D Seems Jesus was not with you?

  4. Thank you Deepa for trying those cupcakes and leaving a comment in my blog... You have an adorable daughter :).. Love her red dress :)

  5. ur daughter is so cute! my son wailed for over a month in playschool initial days :) And even now given a choice, he would rather not go to school :)