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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Master Key

The new school year is now well on its way, and I have a new set of stories to tell. Here's the latest.

I usually begin my class with what we call 'Circle Share' . We sit on the rug in a circle and 3 people get to share something that happened to them . Others will ask questions or offer comments. Last week I modeled this activity by sharing something that had happened that morning.

"This morning I found out that I locked my keys inside my classroom so I called security. But they were all busy directing the traffic outside school. So I went to the principal. He came up to the room with his master key and opened it for me."

TH: "Oh cool! Master key!"
JHH : What can it do?
me: It can open any door in the school.
All : Waaaaaaaaoooowwwwww!
AG : What colour is it?
me: um..... gold.
AG : I knew it! A master key can only be a golden key!
TH: Waaaaaaoooow! A golden key!
JHH: Do you have it now? Can you show it?
me: No. The principal has it.
JHH: (In a serious whispery voice) A golden master key - Only the master hold it. Somebody, anybody else hold it, they DIE!
All: ooooooh!!
TH: But how did they make it?
JHH: I know.... long ago. All the energies of school, in all the rooms come together. On top of mountain. And there...... A fire dragon (grrraaaaoowl!) give it to the master. (He kneels down on one knee, head bowed, arms outstretched as if to recieve the key) Now master hold the master key! (One hand raised up, eyes focussed on the ceiling)

The rest of the class - me included, watched the drama with open mouthed wonder.

I had heard from his previous teacher that JHH can be quite a handful. I didn't know he had such a wild imagination. What's amazing is that this child expresses himself so confidently given his limited knowledge of English.

This academic year is going to be so exciting!!! :)

la la lala!


  1. I am going to enjoy reading about your experiences for sure. I really wish I could send Adiv to your school, so he'd have a teacher like you:)

  2. I'd love for you to be Freddy's teacher too :) (he starts Kindergarten this year...)

    Love reading your school stories - that boy sounds fun, what a great imagination!