So far, by God's grace

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My little composer

Nanma recently composed her first song. The first half of the tune sounds like "I'm a little teapot" and the second half is like the last two lines of "twinkle twinkle". Here are the lyrics.

I going to the jungle
And what I see?
Brother John** and Lion and me
Brother John and lion and me

And it repeats over and over again till you get fed up and ask her to stop.

** brother john - from the rhyme "Are you sleeping"

Ashwin and I are so proud of her. She is just learning to speak English but what amazes me is the song rhymes! Looking forward to more such conpositions.

Looks like there might be hope for Nanma in the singing Department after all!


  1. She is so cute and resembles a lot like you.

  2. Was there any doubt about the singing department considering her genes?!! May God bless her and multiply her talents.

  3. wow! she rhymes her lines!!! tht is simply amazing!

  4. @yuvana: Thank you,most people say she looks like her dad. So your comment is very welcome!

    @Amy &Arpit: Thank you. Well, singing talent was one thing we asked God for when we prayed for a baby. But initially Nanma had absolutely no sense of tune. Now she's beginning to sing close to original tune.

    @sarah: Yes! I'm so amazed!

  5. Its lovely to hear lil' voices praise the lord.. i remember this cutie pie singing on our trip to the zoo. A Precious bundle of joy she is !!

  6. Wow! thats really impressive for a kid her age!