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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Mallu - North East Connection

When I was doing my masters, I was part of a crazy all girl acapella band. Well, you can't really call it a band, we were a quartet. In an institute consisting mostly of literary nerds geniuses, we were the first to do something like this. We created some fantastic memories practicing, singing for the passengers on a train, and we even went all the way from Hyderabad to Bangalore to participate at IIMB's culturals only to find out that the "Western music" competition was actually only meant for rock bands. Not to be deterred, we sang our rehearsed numbers in an impromptu show that acatually managed to draw a crowd!

The 'Sitaphalbandees' as we called ourselves (laugh! That's what the name was supposed to do! We named ourselves after the area our institute was located in - Sitaphalmandi) consisted of 2 Mallus and 2 Nagas. Happy Memories!!

Today, I came across a video posted by my old bandmate on facebook. She called it the Mallu -North East Connection. And I just loved it! This is a video of the Shillong Chamber Choir whom I absolutely adore! Here is their official website .

It is a Malayalam song for a Malayalam movie composed and sung by people from the North East of India. What a lovely blend!! Malayalam is a difficult language to pronounce and I think they have done a great job!

Here it is! Madi Madi (meaning "Lazy, Lazy)


  1. Amazing...their Malayalam sounds better than mine on the words of the song !!

  2. I can understand. I had a very strong north east indian connection when I was a college student!

  3. Awwww... hahaha. came back to your blog after ages :) I miss singing so much! And yeah I came across this too when E posted it :) Thought of you guys :) I'm missing Kuttappan too! :)

  4. @GB: Oh Gobi! How could I forget the guitar named kuttapan. Ive got to repost this with the Kuttapan update. I miss singing too!