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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Food Glorious Food!

*WARNING: Totally random post. If you came here for inspiration/recipes/spying on my life/any other useful thing, you will be wasting your time.  If you are completely jobless as of this minute, read on!

Husby and I have been trying to shave off that extra extra fat we have accumulated. We have been trying hard to be conscious of what we put into our mouth so that it doesn't make its presence felt under our skin.

It's H . A . R  .D.

Especially when things like  meltingly moist Lemon Poppyseed Cake keep popping in my brain.
Especially when I know I have a little bag of blue poppy seeds in my pantry.

And when I've just returned from a holiday loaded  with the cutest cupcake liners.

Sigh  . . .

It's not just that. . . . . I crave these too!

Bacon,Chives & Cream Cheese Rolls from my newest blog friend The Harried Cook.

Not to mention  the various yummylicious fruits we NEVER get in Chennai or are ridiculously expensive.
Actually, fruits are healthy, right? But Why is it that berries are so expensive?

Fruits I LOVE but can not imagine spending that much money on right now:

1.Strawberries: Out of season right now. One box costs 100 Rupees!  I wait every year for the season when prices drop to 45 Rupees. I buy, bake, freeze, make froyo, sorbet . . . sigh!!

2.Bueberries: You never get these here in Chennai an so I've never eaten these fresh. But I adore their sour/sweet taste in cupcakes, pies and cheesecakes... YUM! I share my love for this tiny fruit with Kajal of Sweet Tooth Craving . (I totally recommend this food blog. She's my friend in real life too, except I think we've bonded better thanks to our blogs.)

image source

3.Dragon Fruit: This scary looking fruit would have turned me off had I not seen its God designed beautifully soft interior first.  I first had it in Thailand and  each day of my stay there I would load my breakfast plate with dragonfruit!

image source

4. Mangostein: A childhood favorite. Summer holidays spent in kerala always meant mangostein or "maangoosthika" as we mallus call it after lunch. Ammachy's house has a HUGE mangostein tree in the backyard. Every time I pass this fruit by in my favorite grocery store I am tempted to buy it, but the feel terrible when I look at the ridiculously high pricing. 
image source
5.Chambeka aka Rose Apple: Once again a childhood through adulthood favorite from Kerala. These just dont grow in Tamil Nadu! My mother has tried in vain to get them to grow here. 
image source
OK . . . I know this was a totally random post. But I'm like that too, so my blog certainly reflects me!  Now that you've wasted your time, go on and do something useful like I am going to right now. 

(I'm going to eat lunch now. You?)


  1. yep tempting me for sure! i love all these things too... except the dragon-fruit cos Ive never had them.... u know what, if we visit the strawberry farms in mahabaleshwar during the strawberry harvesting season, they even give away the strawberries for free as there are too many!

  2. Haha :) This was a very entertaining post! I love all those fruits - especially the dragon fruit!! Mmmmm... I wish I could bake you a batch of the bacon bread... You live so FAR away! :) Thanks for linking up to me! :)

  3. @Sarah: Please find out for me the cost it would entail to relocate permanently to a place near that farm in Mahabaleshwar.

    @Harried: Thanks so much!! Imaginary bacon roll eaten with much relish. burrp!

  4. Why Deepa, why??!!! I'm thinking of blueberry cheesecakes, blueberry muffins and gorgeous blueberry glaze now, to name a few visuals! I hope we find a way to source fresh blueberries here in Chennai... soon!

  5. Melanie here! I absolutely loved this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog :) MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com