So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Conversations with Jesus

Nanma has this wonderful relationship with God. Though she doesn't fully comprehend who God is (who does?) She knows he is a BIG part of our family. She has unshakable faith in the power of prayer

Last night, as I was cuddling up with her before bedtime, she told me . . .
" Amma, today I went to see Jesus. I said "Hi Jesus!"  Then he said "What do you want from me Nanma?"  I said  "um.... some little chocolate please?" 

Yup!  That's her!


  1. It must be a refreshing change for Jesus to hear an honest reply!..I love her!!!

  2. Sometimes I feel the only thing that hasn't yet changed on the ever-changing web is your blog. :-)
    Kudos for keeping it running so long and posting regularly. All the best!

  3. You know Deepa.. I can somehow hear her voice still.. I love the sound of it !

  4. Hey!!

    thats such a beautiful conversation. :)

    God bless the child and you too.

  5. That of course doesn't mean you should be complacent.. :-)