So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

5 years

March 19th 2009.
It was around 2 am or so when my deep sleep was woken by a shrill cry. It took me a few seconds to realise it was my baby who was crying in real life and not in a dream! I had held my precious bundle for the first time just 8 hours ago. In the dim light of the zero watt bulb I could see her eyes crinkled shut, mouth wide open, screaming her little,lungs out!
Panic! Why was she crying? Hadn't I just fed her? Was something wrong? How in the world did God think I would be capable of being her mother?

Fast forward to March 18th 2014.
It's the eve of my little screaming banshee's 5th birthday. A little heart shaped cake covered in "gems" is cooling in the fridge. Presents from her Appa and I lie waiting on the table. Her special birthday shalwar-kameez is all ironed and ready. The alarm is set to wake me up in time to things ready for our usual birthday morning tradition. And as I watch her sleeping form, I can't help wondering how time flew! Wasn't it just yesterday that she weighed 2.18kg and could fit in the crook of my arm? She is 5 now. She will be using all the fingers in one hand to show me how old she is! Wow!

Once again, I am feeling overwhelmed. The baby phase is far behind me now. How on earth am I going to parent this little girl through her childhood? How will I protect her? What will she learn from me?

And then I look back at the past 5 years. I see how God's grace has been more than sufficient. His blessings more than abundant and his miracles greater than I could have imagined. Nanma has been much much more to me than the daughter of all my childhood fantasies!

And so on the eve of my darling daughter's fifth birthday, I am feeling grateful, hopeful, and excited to see what the future holds for her!


  1. Beautiful Deepa! How time flies...I cant believe she's % seemed like just yesterday when you and Ashwin got married. Much love, prayer and happiness to your precious bundle and her family!

  2. Thats really beautiful, Deepa. :) Many more happy returns of the day to Nanma, you, and Ashwin.

  3. What a beautiful little girl, Deepa! She has such lovely twinkly eyes! May she grow up in God's goodness and under the protection of His wings always! Happy Birthday Nanma!

  4. Love the love. Its so beautiful.

  5. Love you Nanma!Can't wait to see you bloom into that person God wants you to be!!Keep being beautiful for Him.

  6. Deepa.. You are sucha a shweet mamma. And Nanma is a darling. May she be a blessing to many . . Hugs.