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Sunday, June 1, 2014

What the Jacobs Eat - Fluffy American pancakes

This is a new fun thing I thought I'd try out with my blog. A little chronicle of what the Jacobs have fun cooking and eating together.

Today, Nanma and I make pancakes together as a surprise evening snack for our favorite man! So they say pancakes are a breakfast item. But we don't care, do we?

Here goes... This post contains step by step instructions. All taken on my trusty iPad. No filter, no edits. In fact even the kitchen hasn't been spruced up for the post. I won't make a very good food blogger, I know!

So we started with measuring the ingredients

1 and 1/4 cups of maida
1 tablespoon baking powder
2 tablespoons salted butter ( I swear by amul)
I and 1/4th cups of lukewarm milk
2 eggs
A little spritz of vanilla essence

You could zap it all together in the Mixie. Saves time and effort. But mine's been in need of repair for the past 3 months. So we went the old fashioned way.

Cooking with kids is never mess free. So we had our own share of spills and licks. please ignore messy kitchen in the background! The temperatures in Chennai have been above 40*C for the past 2 weeks! Sweating it out to clean my kitchen has not been a priority!

Once it is all combined, pour a scoopful into a hot, lightly buttered pan. Cook on slow fire until it looks like this -  wait till bubble holes (I don't know a better word for these) start forming in the middle.

Then flip it over.  Check the other side... it should now look like this.

There you have it! Pancakes ready!

Now all you need are some yummilicious toppings for your pancakes. We love the chocolate fudge sauce and the sticky caramel sauce by posh nosh. Haven't heard of it? Well, it's a brand created by Aditi Mammen - cousin's cousin here in Chennai. I've seen them at Nuts and Spices outlets.

P.S this recipe makes about 9 regular sized pancakes. We had trouble finishing off the whole lot. I need to remember to reduce the portions in the recipe next time.


  1. Nice pictures Deepa. And nice post too. Pancakes are a regular favourite too here. I recently tried a chocolate chip banana pancake and here is the link for the recipe-
    My daughter and husband love it.

  2. These look super yummy. im curious tho what is maida?

  3. nevermind google answered my question :)