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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Something Beeeeeautiful!

You should have noticed the lyrics to the song “something beautiful” that I have posted on the left side of my blog. And this is why it is there...As I was wondering what I should post today, mind wandered back all those years, and all the mess I have been through. Not too much of a mess, I must admit, but it was mess all the same. And yet, through all of it, God was there! He was there when I needed him, especially during my 3 wonderful, life changing years at WCC.

My favorite part of the college was the Chapel. A beautifully thought out construction. A place of refuge with more corners than most constructions so that girls could huddle and cry their hearts out without being seen. I had my own favorite corner there... it was actually outside the chapel, near where the bell was. I would sit there and simply smile at God and say "Thank you Jesus" on happy days or cry out "Why Lord?" on sad days. Night was the best time. I would look at the moon framed by the orchids growing on the tree nearby and open my heart out, whispering prayers, thanks, complaints, requests and worries, singing my favorite chorouses as soft as I could.... broken, but always coming back mended. And richer too! In the knowlwdge that my God is with me.

Sometimes a friend would pass by. Some nosey ones would try to offer sympathetic comfort, others would smile and walk by breathing a prayer for me. And there were some others, angels sent by God, who were pushed by him to come and speak to me and tell me what He wanted me to hear. God bless them.

What can i say? As I look back from where I am now, I see the blessings, I see the grace He showered on me even when I rejected Him. I see the beauty of my life now and realise it all came from broken bits that my God so carefully glued together. I also see the extra embellishments he's added to my life. And I'm thankful.

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