So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Going Home!

After almost 3 months I am finally going back to my parents' home for a long weekend. I've been craving for Amma's hugs and cuddles, Appa's horribly stereotypical "dad" jokes, family prayer times, singing, meal times, Rengi Akka's (our maid for years) rasam and rice, Amma's beef samosas, (slurp!), her chocolate cake, the neighbour kids incessant chatter, smiles all around, hearing "Paapa eppa ma vandhe?" from the hospital workers, Amma moaning about my hair loss, Appa's worry that im not making a conscious effort to stop slouching,.... hmm... I love the way my parents adore Ashwin (my husband). And though I make loud protests that they have forgotten their only daughter after he came in, secretly, I am thrilled! I love that look on my mother's face when she wants to baby him, but cant thanks to "What will people think"....
I love going back home! and now I have only 4 days more to go!!!!


  1. a scatter brained teacher! hmmm...i was thinking about it when i was reading your blog and my friends are now teachers, and doctors and sales people and lawyers and journalists and...the point is i guess we've grown up. nice blog...

  2. To San -
    Thanks for visiting! and, yep! we've grown up! a bittersweet feeling when you pause to think of it.

  3. LOL When I read the things you tagged, I was ROTFL :) So you di!

    Div is good no? :)He writes fantastically!

  4. "Going Home!".. spot on.. wow.. the thumpin heart coupled with a repertoire of nostalgic memories.. the 9 hour ride in a rickety bouncin bus was definitely worth it.. how many of us can recount the bliss of the summer vacations beckoning our weary souls.. the feeling is heavenly..

    a spectrum of emotions await.. commencing with a silence of surprise (so silent you could hear the neighbour croakin "let's go party tonight" in the shower next door).. then the rising frenzy, like a wave rising from a distant shore, bubbling within till it bursts forth into springs of laughter, jumpin siblings and doting parents (and if you had a dog, the euphoric scamper around the house is worth a treat till it settles below my feet n begins nibbling on my favorite pair of socks- i almost saw that smile on your face!!)..

    the sibling ego that once resulted in bleeding nostrils and broken bones have over the ages thawed into pools of love and gentleness... the sudden growth spurt in the younger brother, the unnatural deep voice- scary... its great to be back in a place where the air perpetually smells of amazing food; where there's never a moment of silence; where i can actually walk around wearin whatever i want without anyone whisperin bout the "unbecoming" dressing sense; where the sky is blue even when it's raining and where the music is in actuality soup for the soul... Cheers.. to "going home" - and STAYING THERE!!

  5. WOW Anup!
    Looks like you've swallowed a dictionary and a couple of poetry books, the way your words flow! Do you have a blog? I'd like to see it!

  6. nope.. haven't got a blog.. will begin one when i get the time to pay some quality attention to it.. your cousin from Bangalore.. what's her name again? lets see... hmmmm.. somethin to the effect of AUNTY Arps made a brave effort to convince me on this notion.. almost did at that!! unfortunately i haven't had a minute to spare since!!!