So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The B.E.S.T days of my life!

Ashwin had to go out of station on work. Though it's only for a day, travelling there and back takes up two nights. This is the first time we've not been together since we moved into the house we live in now. Distance, does make the heart grow fonder! Here's something I realised last night. I can't call this a poem. Or can I? U read and tell me!

Being Ashwin's wife,

Being a daughter to my parents,

Being a daughter-'in-love 'to Ashwin's parents,

Being a friend to my friends,

Being a sister to my cousins,

Being a teacher to my students

And most of all,

Being a child of my heavenly Father

Makes me sure


These are the BEST days of my life!


  1. The love of my life is back home today!!! woo hoo! What a joy! But... he's going away again. This time for the whole weekend! sniff! you'll probably see another soppy blog post!
    But for now.... I'm happy!!!!

  2. hey ms.odc..
    this lil "poem" is nice :)..i liked the "daughter-in-love" phrase the's usually the opposite but happy to see that it's this way for you :)..

    p.s.i liked the font/styling of this post the way it was the day you posted it..


  3. Definitely a poem and a lovely one at that! Enjoyed and I hope he isn't away too long. Greg has to leave on a business trip in July, I think, for a safety meeting. I'm already missing him and it's not till months away!

  4. LOL:
    I am blessed with having the sweetest 'in-laws' that's how they became my 'in-loves'!.... And... I changed my post back to the format it was in when i posted it first!

    Thank you! I know that "missing you already" feeling.Bitteraweet!

    U wait till your husband has to go away and i'll say LOL!! ha!

  5. Arpana - your cousin! (in case u said 'which one')May 29, 2008 at 5:16 PM

    Im glad u didnt forget the cousins bit....just reminds us we're a part of ur u loaaaaaaaads...

  6. appuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
    I love you!!!!!!
    of course you're a part of my world!!! very very much so!