So far, by God's grace

Thursday, May 22, 2008

delicious delight!

My second attempt at making caramel custard. And it was..... a SUCCESS!!!!! woooo hoooo! I followd a recipe that clearly stated "serves 6" but the husband and I polished it off at one go!


  1. when you told me you could cook/bake/(whatever), i thought you were caramel custard looks amazing!!!!!!! me all hungry now :(..hehe..oh and yeah..this is LOL.. ;)

  2. why dont u try these when i visit? uhhhh??

  3. To Mr LOL:
    Told you!

    To Mac:
    um.... when do you visit?? jus kidding...come over n i'll teach you guruji!

  4. when i come u make me cook........!! not fair :D

  5. YUMMM!! My brother and I love caramel custard! It's light and full of flavor! Congrats on making the desert. Can you share the recipe?

  6. To Mac:
    That's coz you're such a good cook!

    To Aleta:
    Caramel Custard is something My husband and I love too! I might post the recipe... Except that I dont want my blog to look like its all about food and recipes!......... but.... I will!

  7. Yumm, this looks good enough for ONE person to polish off. I want some.

    ps you left a comment on my blog awhile back, that's how I found you.

  8. Lis : Thanks for dropping by! You know my best friend saw the pictures of the pudding and said it looks gross! Guess its a matter of perspective!