So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A soooooooooper suppppprise!

Today I was looking for some pictures I took of a chicken curry I made, so that I could put it up on my blog. And instead, I found this. This makes for a nice blog post and so I abandoned my search for the chicken curry picture and decided to write about this one.
This picture was taken a day before my birthday. This was my first birthday as a married woman. And although I had spent 3 days with them just 2 weeks before, (going home) the thought of not being with them on my birthday was making me moody and whiny. I knew my husband had planned for a barbecue party with our friends but that still wasn't as good as being with my parents.

My birthday was on a weekend. But on Friday night, Hubby darling tells me we have to wake up early on Saturday (my only day to sleep in) and go to his parents house as his mother needed my assistance in planning for the barbecue. I grumbled through the night and the next morning. He wanted us to leave the house by 7 ( To be there before the sun gets us, he said) But there was no way I was going to wake up that early for a 45min ride on the motorbike! (we live on opposite corners of the city)

Finally, we reached by 10. The usual excitement followed, hugs and kisses flowed. I saw my brother in laws room closed and banged on the door to wake him up. Its not fair that the family doesn't share in missing Saturday morning sleep-ins, right! The door opens almost immediately. My mind tells me something's amiss. But nothing prepares me for the sight of my parents' excited, smiling faces!!!! I just could not believe it. Not after all the drama of the preceeding day!

For a few seconds I was stunned and then the laughter followed.... full throated (literally! see the pic) heartfull laughter... it was hard to stop. My smart husband was ready with the camera of course, to capture this one in a million candid picture of pure joy!

I found out later that this was something he had planned for me months earlier. Apparantly my mother has inadvertantly blurted out that they were coming a couple of times when I had gone home to visit them. But me, being the scatterbrain that I am, never registered it!!! Anyway, I was happy. This is one story I'll love telling my kids!



  2. To Sparkling:
    wish you a speedy recovery!

    To my Paunch:
    Love you too baby! Thanks again for the soooooooooooper supppppprise!

  3. The absolute joy on your face is priceless. What a beautiful gift that your husband gave to you! Family is so very precious!

  4. To Aleta:
    Yes, I agree. My family is my MOST priced earthly possession.