So far, by God's grace

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Feeling Purrrrrrfect!

Today's been one of those days.... We woke up late. And by late, I mean way too late. The plan when we went to sleep last night was to wake up, go to church, meet friends for lunch and then laze the afternoon away. Now our church has very convenient timings. It begins at 10:45, so that even lazy weekenders like us can attend (this is what i think). The service ends at 12:30 - right in time for lunch! And since most of our friends go to the same church, Sunday lunches are often fun bonding times.

But, today, we woke up at 12:30!!!! Can you believe that! I couldn't believe I slept through the whole morning! I woke up thinking the time must be 9ish. Normally, I would have been agitated, irritated and frustrated by what happened and my poor husband would have borne the brunt of my emotions. And he would have borne it with such flair, being the adorable, understanding darling that he is !

But that didn't happen! And instead, I found myself volunteering to cook!
What?....Me! .....Cook! ....On a Sunday afternoon!..... What was happening?!

And so, I did cook. Hubby dearest did his part helping me. I was surprised at how smoothly it all went. Lunch was late of course. By the time we sat down to eat, it was 3:30. He loved the food. I thought it was OK. After that the day just went by.... a normal, stress free day.

Now I'm sitting here, feeling loved, happy and contented.... If i were a kitten, I would be purring away to sleep, curled on my owner's lap. There was nothing spectacular about today. In fact, it didn't even go the way I wanted it to. And yet, it was just perfect. I thank God for days like these. And when I look back at today, I know the one thing that made it great. My response to having woken up late. Had I cursed and fumed about it, I bet we would have had a horrible day.

God doesn't make our days good or bad. He makes the day, and he also makes things happen during the day. But the way we react to the things that happen make our days good or bad. WOW!! I like it when I get hit with stuff like this. It is as though God has been trying to tell me this for a while. But I wasn't listening. And so he let me experience it. I love God for his amazing sense of humor and style of working in people's lives! Hugs to you God!


  1. I also love lazy-hazy days spent doing nothing but bonding with the family, and I actually enjoy cooking for them. I really like the way you look at God - my God, too, has a sense of humour and I feel He/She is tickled pink when I goof up, which is pretty often.

    Say Happy Mother's Day to your amma from me.

  2. Happy Mothers day to you too Sucharita!
    Where would we be without family, huh!

  3. wow that is so true! every little thing in life cud be gud or bad depending on the way YOU look at it.
    i loved ur post
    -from random visitor

  4. Super cool post!! Yup! So true!! It all depends on how we react to situations!! Lemme try believing inthat- my husband would be the happiest! I think im driving him insane with my moods...
    Thanks for the teaching... :)

    Shobana Koshy

  5. It's all in the attitude. A positive one can get you through the worst of times. A negative one can turn a sunny day into a storm. I've seen remarkable people live through some horrible things and the difference ~ their attitude....

  6. wow! Once again, I'm thrilled to be getting comments!

    To Ferrin:
    Thank you! keep visiting!

    To Shobana:
    Welcome to the world of married women. I'm still trying to get a firm grip on things. But it is fun all the same! Maybe you could start writing a blog about your experiences! Have fun Shobi! God bless!

    To Aleta:
    Thanks for sharing that! I agree with you. Attitude is everything!

  7. So true, our reaction goes a long in the making of our moods.