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Monday, May 12, 2008

Inspiring.... If I Could, I would!

Here's something I found today. Actually, it's been thrust in my face everyday, but I never bothered to read it until today! This is a poem that one of my colleagues has put up on the wall in her classroom. I finally got around to reading it, and I loved it. This is something I wish I could do as a teacher. I do try. But I am human after all, with my own shortcomings that come in the way. But if one child has learnt at least one of these from me, I have not taught in vain!
Here it is....

If I Could...

I would teach each child to be positive,
to smile, to love and be loved.

I would teach each child to take time to
observe some miracle of nature--the song
of a bird, the beauty of a snowflake, the
orange glow of a winter sunset.

I would teach each child to feel warmly
about the peers for whom the task of
learning does not come easily.

I would teach each child that it is OK to
show their feelings by laughing, crying,
or talking with someone they care about.

Every day I would have each child feel
special, and through my actions, each
one would know how much I really care.



  1. My Mom is a teacher. She has been teaching for 30 plus years and she loves her work. She would appreciate the poem as well. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. thats a beautiful one and i guess will do not only for teachers but for everyone of us :)

  3. I love being a teacher!

    To Aleta:
    You're welcome. Do share it with your Mom.

    To Lena:
    Thank you for visiting. Yes, it does apply to everyone of us. I wish i knew who write it.