So far, by God's grace

Thursday, June 12, 2008


We're off to Banglore for a much much awaited family get-together. Its been a year since we all met. We're not a huge family - just 14 in all after the passing away of my grandparents, but still, we're sure to get the neighbours complaining. All my cousins are grown up now and working or studying around the country, so this is a rare occasion. This will also be the first time, since after our wedding that Ashwin is going to meet everyone.

3 days of fun fun fun!!!!!

Here's another reason why i rejoice - I just ate one whole 'banganapalli' mango ALL BY MYSELF!!!!............yum! (although my overexcited state could be attributed to the mango overdose!)

wooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooo!


  1. I want mangooooooo :( And will Sumodh be there? Say hi and give him a huge hug from me :)

  2. Have fun with your family reunion. You should try the Himayat variety which is from Andhra and I am sure it you would love it. Regards to your family and wish you a safe journey.

  3. Poda Manga madaya.... Hope you guys had a nice did the song blogspot has been changed to

  4. family get-togethers are a whole lotta fun, even better than mangoes...enjoy!

  5. hey scatter brain.... just thought i would drop by n say hi :).. you write really well... hope you has fun in blore.. cant wait to hear the tales ( esp the way you put it across !! )

  6. To Nandu:
    Yes, Sumodh was there...I didn't check my blog soon enough to convey the hi and hug.

    To Sukku:
    I dont think i've tried that variety. and yes, I had a safe journey and a wonderful tims...

    To margusungle:
    yers.....babuji! I saw it!

    To Sucharita:
    It was better than mangoes!!! happy!!!

    To Amri:
    you are sitting right here beside me as i type this.... but still.... thanGs for visiting...thanks for adding me to your blogroll.... thanks.... chumma!(chumma means "simply" in malayalam)

  7. Pachechi... i found some old pics :P and there is a funny one of u in there :P I put them all on my blogs.... so yeah do check either... the 'woodland-faerie' or the 'tribalkid' Hope ur holidaying is going good :p laters rainbow munchkin Xx GIANT RAINBOW HUG LACED WITH STARLIGHT xX

  8. Hey Tribal!

    The rainbow hug laced with starlight was LOVELY!!!! thaanks!! and the picture.... well... couldnt you get anything better??? like the cute one with the chick???... gosh! I used to hate that dress I wore to your birthday party.... I think mom forced me into wearing it!