So far, by God's grace

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back to Blogging!

Hellooooooooo!!! All you out there who (i hope) wondered where I'd disappeared to, here I am.... back again!!!!!

My family reunion thingie went off very well. It was great meeting all my cousins, aunts and uncles and creating new family jokes and memories to last a lifetime. My cousins call me for my excellent memory of childhood (mostly embarrassing for them) stories. "Old Man Moss"Old Man Moss is a character from the Phantom comics we used to love as kids. This guy was about a hundred and something years old, and knew all the stories there are to know! So I lived up to my nick name yet again with stories like "Hey remember when N was a baby and her diaper slipped down just as we were taking a pic?" or "This reminds me of the time we climbed the water tank so the younger ones wouldn't disturb us...."etc. This was also Ashwin's first weekend with my crazy family. Every now and then he would identify the family member from whom I might have been passed on a certain quirky trait. The weekend also helped him realise that there are people in the world who could be "madder"(if I may coin a new word) than me!

Since we returned home, we've had a
wunnerful spate of guests at the cozy little nook we call home. Some of my friends from the school where I worked before, in Ooty were here last weekend. And on Monday there was another bunch that landed up at our door. This group was headed to Calcutta (I refuse to call the place Kolkata although ive never been there) but due to the floods all trains to Cal had been cancelled. It was a teeny weeny bit tiring, but I loved being the host! Some of these friends will be going back to their respective countries and I might never ever see them again! So it was great having a day to spend with them. Last night too we had a family over for dinner!

The scatterbrain has been cooking, cooking and cooking...... and she realises that she LOVES it!!!!!

aaahh!!! Now it's peace and quiet for two days after which I am going to Kerala to visit my grandmother and then home to my parents for a week of pampering! The husband is going to be bachelor boy and home alone while I'm gone! hmmmmm.....

oh... and did I tell you we also got a second hand TV and a
tata sky cable/satellite connection.... so now, I'm going to find myself a nice midday soap (if there is a nice one..keeping my fingers crossed) and settle down on our comfy couch to watch it.... like a stereotypical housewife!!

I love my life!


  1. ashwin gonna be alone for few days?? wooohhhhhhoooooooooooooooo we gonna rock :P

  2. It's nice to know that you are back after all the fun you had at ur reunion.....welcome back......

  3. hey .. have a good trip and come back with more news.. funny anecdotes ... :))

  4. that seem to be one hectic-holiday! but really, isn't it wonderful catching up with old pals, cousins, whatever...whenever that happens, I always wish that our talk-athons would never end!

  5. baby more important than tatasky :)

  6. You have been tagged by me today and the link is

    Have a great Sunday and don't forget to watch the EURO2008 finals

    God Bless

  7. Glanced through some of your blogs. Really good stuff. Warm and cozy. Never stop writing. :)