So far, by God's grace

Monday, July 14, 2008

A New Post

I want to write a new post.... but am lazy....

So this will do for now.

Hi everyone!

And hi friends from the centertable! Leave a comment somewhere so I know you've visited!

Oh,.... and will someone be nice and give me a gift voucher to a spa somewhere? Am in dire need of a massage!


  1. go to the nearest spa and say you're my service for life!!! :)

  2. hi.i wonder if u remember me .. i was in mcc.. ur in ma and me in ba... well just thouught of sayin hello .. came in here thru many other door ways .. visit mine if u feel like better way of remberein me i am joels cuz..

  3. hi deepa..
    ur blog is very nice.. interesting to read..

  4. oye LOL..... Can I send you the bill then??

    Hi! I do remember you.... what are the doorways you came through? just curious!

    Thanks sweetie!

  5. hahaha....running out of happens....

    Well you welcome to the SPA here in Kuala relax your tensed up take care and take rest........

  6. Hi Anu ,I like ur blog... feel someone so dear to me whispering at my ear....when free visit my blog-NILAPAKSHI(
    Nice to meet u here.I like ur paintings too.Couldn't u try some specifications in abstract backgrounds?

    1. Hi you might want to reply directly to Anu!