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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tagged!!!........ and finally getting down to do it!

I was tagged by Sucharita a long, long time ago, but have only got down to working on it now.
Here are the rules:
Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people, and acknowledge the person tagged you .

And, here goes....

The book is called "Papa's Wife" it's by Thyra Ferre Bjorn. Page 123 in this book is the last page of the chapter and so doesn't even have a 5th line. So am going to post sentences 5-10 from the next page. oh... and am adding an extra line... just for fun.

"Here, every Monday was washday. Every week, instead of twice a year as it was in Lapland. Of course, in Lapland she had not done all the work herself in those twice-a-year washings which consumed a whole week. Tant Renberg and Emma Erickson had helped. All the white clothes were boiled in lut and pounded vigorously with a klapptra on a board in the brook, until they were as white as the mountain snow. It was twelve dozen sheets and several times as many towels and pillowcases then, but now, she had only two dozen each."

I love this book. I got it as a birthday gift on my 16th birthday. When I went home this time, I fished it out of my bookshelf and brought it here to read again. I listed it on my favorite books list on my blogger account and was pleasantly surprised to find that there are others who love the book too! Here's an excerpt from the book's blurb.

All the girls had crushes on the handsome, silver-tongued preacher. But he, was determined to remain a bachelor forever. Then Maria took matters into her own hands. She moved right into the same house with him, as his maid. So began one of the most delightfully unconventional courtships in the history of fiction.

Maria (Mama) manages to convince Papa to leave Lapland and move to America. The major part of the book is about how the family adjusts to life in America. The author-one of Maria's daughters says the books is "fiction based on a fact - a happy mixture of truth and fancy- and it's hard to know where one ends and the other begins"

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who is anything like me!


  1. What is 'anything like you'? :) Other than being a scatterbrain, by public admission! :P

  2. hmm...... for that you'll have to read more of my blog.

    By the way, why are you always anonymous????

  3. Sorry, dint realise i dint put my name...this is Roxie...and no, this is the first time i am 'anon', cos i forgot! The original Anonymous, please stand up!

  4. hey deeps, i last came here when you were here in bangalore , so i thought i'd come by and see your blog again...i dont get this post, maybe thats cuz i didnt read it properly...anywho, i'll go visit ashwin's now.

  5. funny i expected you to pick up the book i gave you........
    all that talk of i like this kinda book blah blah :P... full drama :D hahaha

  6. Hey, better late than never. The book sounds really interesting, I love off-beat romances...

  7. Rox:
    Thanks for owning up! The original anonymous is Sajay,although I have no idea why he doesn't put up his name!

    Read the link to this post.. that will explain things

    Hey your book is such a bore that you're not even willing to take it back! Don't even talk!

    Thanks for tagging me!It was fun doing this!