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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Few Questions

Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post. This issue is really troubling me. I need answers. please comment.

How did we come to this stage where we lack a basic sense of humanity?

What do these people feel as they ruthlessly watch helpless children die?

Do they go back home feeling like they've put in a hard day's work?

Do they not have families of their own?

What makes a human being, born not knowing what religion he belongs to, develop such hatred toward people of another religion?

Do they actually see justice in violence?

Why are people in power never powerful when they actually need to show their power?


  1. Well I really don't know what happens in a person's mind as they feel justified in killing in the name of religion. Maybe society has failed in someway and where is the middle path that Buddha had taught us.

    Politicians are helpless but sometimes one might wonder, isn't it what they want....divide and rule...

  2. You have raised some very pertinent questions. It is not only in your country but all over the world that we face this problem.

    You are certainly not a birdbrain, featherhead or a flibbertigibbet as your blog title says. You come across as a deep thinking woman who cares about the world she lives in.

    May there be more and more women like you, raising their children in Godly ways so that the world becomes a better place.

    - a reader

  3. I think the people who do it don’t really think. They don’t think that one day it can happen to their families.. .their kids..their wives. Most are just caught up in a frenzy mostly caused by one fanatic screaming out what he thinks is right. I feel people who do this have lost the ability to make sense of what is happening and what is right or wrong..maybe society has let them down..maybe they haven’t still seen the right path to take.…. I guess in their own way they think or believe what they r doing is right !!
    But amongst this…. If there are a few who do right..few who follow the right.. few who understand that in the end we all are one… i know it will make the difference.. we might not see it tomorrow but it will make a difference.

  4. i think....
    ever since the dawn of time, we have had wars and fightings. In fact, in spite of all the killings we have now, we have comparatively lesser blood shed today when compared to ages ago. IN the past we had the world wars, the slaughter of millions of jews,a and a lot lote more... go back even more and the christians hand their crusades where again thousands of people were slaughtered, in the name of xianity.

    we have always lacked basic sence of humanity

    children have always been the unfortunate victims of all the fights.

    it always has been happening from the dawn of time, and it always will happen.

    i dont agree that we are much badder and meaner now....!!

  5. Very valid and troubling questions, but there are no easy answers. I guess humanity is a fickle state-of-mind and can be easily damaged by greed , of power or money or even the temporary thrill of violence. Christian mytholgy places man between beast and angel, but it is frighteningly easy to slide down the chain of beings.

  6. I don't understand either. We are all human beings. No one is any better or worse than another. We breath and bled the same.

    Those that would hunt another and harm children ~ some how they are caught up in a different world. It's senseless... Extremist groups, Political Power... you have to wonder what the world is coming to ~ we are retreating from humanity.

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