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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Night the Boys Cooked

A brilliant plan was hatched last Saturday. Paunch – my husband, and his buddies - Mac and Babu decided Sunday was their night to cook! So the happy bunch (I dare not say ‘gay’ although it is such a lovely word) came over to my place to cook up a tornado! And… that it was! Especially when I walked into the kitchen and surveyed my domain after we had eaten our tummies out!

Here’s why they are the sweetest boys in the world!

• Together they make an awesome team.

• They come up with the most ridiculous ideas that provide us (wives &
friends) with enough fodder for laughter

• They might mess up the kitchen, but with a little bossing, will clean it
sparkling, squeaky clean!

• Chicken curry and Dal never tasted better!

• Husbands in aprons look sexier!

• When they cook, it’s time for the girls to catch up on gossip, swap stories about our amazing husbands and basically chill out!

• But most of all because they are planning on doing this again!!!!! Can’t wait!!!


  1. Deeps, you need to put some snaps up for this story!
    It was such a fun night :)
    Lets pray it comes again soonly.

  2. and where is the photo of the sexy apron on your sexier husband???

  3. Sounds like a great evening. I have some friends that Sunday's are the "wifes day off" I think it's a great idea.

  4. Do i need to find a husband (to look sexy in an apron ) to join this party types?

  5. ya put up pics - and make Mac make pizza the next time. Will do you some good ;)

  6. i agree .. it was an awesome night.... pics of the men cooking will def brighten it up :P

  7. Hi Scatterbrain. Never been on your blog before. I like this entry. I am not a great cook but I have potential. Maybe because I don't cook much I always find myself attracted to men who are great cooks. I guess I'm looking out for myself! Good going, wifey.

  8. Lucky you, my spouse can at best fry chicken and stuff, not the full meal you described.

    Enjoy all the pampering you can get!

    BTW, I've tagged you and also awarded you. Both award and tag are waiting for you at my blog.

  9. oh yes, I'm so sorry I didn't mention that I gave you a Brilliant Blog Award. Go girl!

    Yellow yam is not sweet. It has a pleasant, starchy, mild taste. It's pretty fibrous. Good yellow yam tastes "dry".

    Glad you like the blog and the yellow yam joke. Do, stop by again.

  10. I enjoyed this blog! Your joy was spilling over the words.

    And please ~ use "Gay" as it was originally meant. My Mother's middle name is Gay, because back then when she was growing up, it meant "HAPPY, JOYFUL".

    Now that it has a different meaning, yet Mom still goes by her middle name, she sometimes has to introduce herself to new people as, "Hi, I'm Gay. That's my name, I'm not."

    And... that's MY middle name, a family tradition she gave to me ~ and one I will share if Greg and I are so blessed to have a daughter.

    Ok, I'm off that soap box *smiles*

    I hope you have many more meals like that in the future! Men are such good cooks!!