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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween once again!!!!

Nobody thinks of Halloween in India. (hmm... that's just me being my usual exaggerator self). Ok, here's the truth. Haloween in India is usually something you see on TV. Not many people dress up in costumes to go trick or treating. 


Since I work with an American school, we do!!! And what fun it is! Last year I was a pirate. Ive always loved playing dress up and have to admit to doing it even now (when nobody's watching). But  here was my legitimate chance to dress up as anything I wanted!!! Wooo Hoooo!   Here's a picure of me last year with another pirate teacher.

This year, my school's Halloween celebration is sometime this week. I'm going to wrap myself in toilet tissue and hold a sign that says "MUMMY -(to be)"  Howzzat!!! All credit goes to my colleague Kelly for coming up with the idea. Will post a couple of pictures too!!!

P.S I hope my teeny weeny baby bump shows through all the tissue!!!


  1. Is that really look very nice like a pirate..can't wait to see your mummy photos...Happy Halloween...and do enjoy your trick or treat with the kids...

  2. I think that is just a fantastic idea, get some pictures.