So far, by God's grace

Sunday, November 2, 2008


My week long midterm break/ Diwali holiday will be over in a couple of hours....And then it's back to the grindstone!!!! And what a week it was!

My parents came to visit me last weekend and while my Dad left for home on Monday, my Mom (Amma) stayed on for the rest of the week. Having Amma at home meant

  • having piping hot traditional South Indian breakfast ready on the table for the husband and me. (we usually get to eat only cereal or a sandwich for breakfast)
  • having a neatly stocked fridge full of goodies
  • laundry done ...every day!
  • someone to yakkety-yak with all day
  • a re-organised kitchen
  • loads of laughs
  • taking a break between housework to play a game of rummikub or scrabble
  • a head massage whenever required
  • snuggles and cuddles (Amma still thinks I'm her baby and I don't mind it either!)
  • a hundred questions on pregnancy and childbirth answered
  • fun shopping trips
  • singing old favorites
  • stories from my childhood that I never grow tired of hearing
  • ....and..... a week's stock of food in the freezer for when she's gone.

This evening as I saw my parents off, I had a lump in my throat.... I had had one week of pure pampering, and I will miss it. After a long time, I actually felt sad to see my parents leave. This one week where we bonded like never before will be treasured forever. I am already looking forward to the week I'll spend at my parents home in December.
I have always marveled at the way mothers make little sacrifices for their children. I have no idea where my Amma got the strength to do almost all my household chores for me this week, just so that I could have a break. But I am beginning to get a glimpse of it. I know they say it's only when you have children of your own that you really understand what motherly love means. I am not a full fledged mother yet, and although I am already beginning to feel the power of that special love, I wonder if I will fully understand it! Can I ever give back to Amma what I have received? I know she doesn't expect anything in return, 'coz that's how unconditional love works.... but maybe showing my child the same love is the way I return the favor.

*sigh* For now, I have a heart full of gratitude to God for having blessed me with my Amma and Appa - for the heritage they have passed on to me, and for the chance to be an Amma myself so I can pass it on to my kids.


  1. Nice post and please do send my love to your "Amma" for being there for you and pretty soon you are going to be an "Amma"...yourself....btw thanks for sharing .....

  2. What a loving post ~ I can tell from your words how much you appreciate and love your family. You brought tears to my eyes when I read how much you missed them. I live within minutes of my family and cannot imagine living far away from them.

    You're going to be a wonderful Amma. With your Mom as a role model and with knowing the blessings, you will wonderful for your child.

  3. Thank you!!!

    Sukku: Will send your love to my mom! (although she has no idea I blog!!! She's always thought of blogs as an invasion of privcacy, and so I haven't told her I have one yet!)

    Aleta: Yes, my family does mean the world to me. Thank's for your confidence in my 'Amma'ing abilities!