So far, by God's grace

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Simple joys of life! How deep they run! What a difference they make!

December and January are usually my most favorite months of the year. This is when we have the best weather in South India, it's filled with busy preparations for Christmas and New Year and of course.. It's family time. But December '08 and January '09 so far were extraa special 'cos they were filled with the news of babies being born, couples getting engaged and weddings to celebrate.

Each of these are new beginnings. And they always bring hope. Paunch and I began New Year this year worrying about what our financial situation would be like in the coming year- with the US recession hitting the Indian Market and people being laid off work, our baby's arrival & me having no idea if I will be allowed to work part-time next year....2009 seemed to us like it would be one rough year.

But then come all these happy happenings that come to warm our heart, and remind us, that no matter what, life goes on. Bad times come and go. But real happiness comes from these simple joys that life offers. New beginnings that bring new hope. Every time I hear that someone else is expecting a baby I am thrilled for them... I know the excitement of the anticipation. Each time I hear a baby is born I am grateful to God for the new life and feast my mushy heart on seeing pictures of the cute little new born. When I see a newly engaged or married couple I am excited for all that they are going to experience together... I want to see their lives grow!

All these people have such hope in their hearts. They're so full of it, they can't help spilling a little 'hopeshine' on others!

I'm glad I got a liberal dusting of hopeshine on me today!!!
"...and hope doesn't disappoint us, because God's love has been poured out into our hearts..." - Romans 5:5 (Bible)


  1. hey, sprinkle some hopeshine dust on me, will ya..?
    my horoscope said 2009 is gonna be a terrible year for me, full of heartaches....!!

  2. aww Mac! Since when have you begun reading your horoscopes??? Remind me to bring some hopedust to the BBQ tonight!

  3. Love your optimism and cheeriness. Lol!! Visiting your blog always leaves a smile on my face.

  4. Thanks Sucharita!!! yours does the same for me!