So far, by God's grace

Friday, February 13, 2009


For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed vivid dreams at night. Most of the time, I have at least one scene from my dreams that I will be able to recall in the morning. I would have long movie like dreams where everything made sense or I'd have wierd disconnected-yet-all-connected-in-someway kind of dreams. I still remember scenes from some of my childhood dreams. I've had a lot of recurrent dreams. Some happy, but most of these, wierd. My parents encouraged me retelling my dreams to them every morning at breakfast. (bet that has a lot to do with my dad being a psychiatrist). We never analysed dreams. Just told them out for the family to hear and enjoy! 

For the longest time, I thought that was the way it was with everyone. Until people started thinking I was wierd! That was when I knew what I had was something special. It probably was a way for my over imaginative mind to let itself loose....When Paunch and I were seeing each other, I'd sometimes tell him about my dreams and he'd wonder if I was making it all up! (of course I was making it all up in my head, silly! that's what dreams are!)

Anyway, after we started 'going strong', Paunch was a regular feature in my dreams. I used to wish he dreamt of me as much as I did of him! After marriage, I thought I had the solution. I was sure I had.... I experimented with it almost every night till I realised that Paunch like most human beings probably dint remember his dreams in the morning! Yesterday I was re-reading Nicholas Sparks' 'The Wedding''  for probably the 5th time when I found out that the lead character in the book did exactly what I did (and still do on and off). Here's the quote from the book. Read!

Sometimes when you’re dreaming, I’ll move closer to you in the hope that somehow this will allow me to enter your dreams. ~ The Wedding

Yes! I am a hopeless romantic!.... hey wait a minute... I'm not hopeless! I have a LOT of hopes!!! Hope is something I rarely run out of!


  1. What a sweet little quote! although I'm never able to remember my dreams, it'll be great if the spouse can enter my dreams and remember them for me, as he always is able to recall his own dreams in great detail.

  2. :) For some unconnected reason, reading this, i am reminded of dis one night, back in Holyoke, when i was upset and wudnt talk. U kept trying to cheer me up and finally, offered to sit with me thru a silent Japanese dinner! That note u wrote me is still there with me, somewhere...and u remember this one phase where u believed you'd morphed into a lizard and wud only 'glide' down the side of the walls? Clown!

  3. Sucharita: Is your 'spouse' also scatterbrained like me? guess not!

    Rox: You made me laugh! Yes, I remember the 'silent Japanese dinner' & then cracking up laughing coz we just couldnt manage keeping straight faces! But gliding like a lizard!!! I dont remember it at all! Am sure you dreamed that up!