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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm a Waddling Walrus!

I've just turned 34 weeks pregnant today, and the animal I think I resemble the most is the walrus! No, my size hasn't really tripled. In fact over inquisitive people think I'm a little small for 8 months!! I'm talking about the way I walk!

As a little girl, I remember imitating my aunt who was pregnant.... I thought it was hilarious seeing the way she waddled as she walked and I would walk behind her, cushion stuffed up my dress, pretending I was going to have a baby too.

Time has turned the tables on me now! I need a push from the Paunch to get out of the car. I don't like walking with people because I slow them down with my own waddling. I have to lean sideways as I'm climbing down stairs, because otherwise, I can't see my feet! I have to do a lot of thinking and tick items off a mental list before I sit down somewhere, because when I do sit down, the last thing I want to do is get up to get something I forgot! Oh, and don't even mention sleepless nights to me. I can't remember the last time I had a full night's sleep!!

This morning, my weekly pregnancy update informed me that if...."if"...I were to go into pre-term labour anytime from today, my baby would be able to cope without much trouble. In fact, it would not affect her in the long run! What a tempting thought! I cant wait to hold her in my arms and I'm getting tired of this uncomfortable wait. BUT.. I will have to wait it out I guess! Babies have their own way of deciding when to come out and face the world!

Here's a cartoon that reflects my mood!


  1. hey guess what.... i cant see my feet too..and neither can paunch :P


  2. ROTFL @ Div! :D

    YOu have company ;) Misery always finds cmpany :D LOL

  3. Don't worry deepa this stage will pass soon...before u know ur precious one will be in ur arms..i am feeling bad that this beautiful stage of life is coming to an end for me and i am going to miss all the kicking from inside :-)..sleepless nights is going to be a part of our life for at least few months i guess :-)...learn to live with it.

  4. MAC: ..but..I have a good reason for why I can't see my feet. What are yours??

    Nandu: U said it girl! How've you been? waiting and waiting for u to end your blog silence!

    Esther: Im sure I'll miss the baby's kicks and the hiccups too.... sigh! And though right now, I cant even think of it, Im sure I wont take long before I start pining for another pregnancy! You've got just 1 week to go!!! yay!!!!

  5. actually a walrus sounds like a good description of the spouse after a feast. on the spartan day he waddles, on the not-so-spartan days i have to tip him over and roll him to the car

    At least you get a baby for it!

    cute blog!

  6. of my friends walks the same way n we tease her incessantly...that cartoon is so apt:)...its gonna be a different world once the baby is born.

    first time at ur blog....u hv a grt place here

  7. That's so cute!! Such exciting times for you :)

  8. At least you have a very valid excuse for having a big tummy. I still have a big tum, but my excuse slipped out three years back! Enjoy the waddling before the swaddling duties begin.

  9. Cynic: ha ha.. Thanks for stopping by! PLease do visit more often and leave comments. Does the spouse know you've left this comment here?? Sounds a lot like my Paunch!

    Poornima: Thank you for visiting! I see you're following my blog now. Its an honour! You're right, It's going to be a whole new world!

    Nags: Thanks! Yep... exciting times ahead!

    Sucharita: that's funny...waddling before the swaddling!!

  10. Perfect viewpoint of a pregnancy from a soon-to-be mother.
    You write with passion and emotion.
    Hope you will one day re-read these blog posts you have written and enjoy the feelings of those good old days :-) Cheers.

  11. Awww, but I bet you have the most adorable waddle walk! What a precious post!