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Thursday, June 4, 2009

What do I name thee?

You want to know why i've put off blogging for so long??? It's cos I can't think of a nice nickname for my baby.

So I thought why not ask my readers to choose from her already existing truckload of names??

Here they are!!!

  1. Kadugu kuttan - This is my creation. I think I picked up the idea from a blog I read. 'Kadugu' means mustard seed - tiny, round and cute. 'Kuttan' is a malayalam endearment meaning something like 'little darling'                                                                                                              
  2. chakakuru - means 'jackfruit seed' in  malayalam. My best friend, Kavitha named her this. For those who don't know here's what it looks like! you could also click here to read what wikipedia has to say about the jackfruit.                                                                                                                
  3. Bean podshe looks like one when she's all swaddled! Here she is looking like a beanpod in one of her newborn pictures!    Actually, doesn't she also look like a chakakuru here?                                
  4. Squiggly Wiggly/Squirmy Wormy - Ever before she was born, we knew she was a restless spirit. Paunch and I would watch her 13th week ultrasound scan just to see her squiggling, wiggling, squirming and worming inside my tummy! Right after birth she found a way to wiggle her tiny hands out of her nice cozy swaddle!!                                                                              
  5. Red Indian - For the first three weeks since she was born, she was pink!! (unusual for an Indian baby!) and when she cried, her whole body would turn red!! My cousin, who visited us then named her 'Red Indian' for this very reason! Here's a picture of her crying her lungs out.  (She was a very very tiny full term baby, hence the skinnyness. Don't worry she's all fleshed out now, a cute and chubby lil joy!)                                                                                                             
  6. Oh... I'm getting tired of this.... so let me finish off with the last one.... LLLLL . Whozzat?? My Lovely,laughing,loveable little lady of course!!!  I removed the 'light' from the name because I know that's going to change very soon. And, light is not as nice a descriptor as 'laughing' is it?  I leave you now with a pic of my adorable L5 taken 2 weeks ago.
You Choose!!

P.S.  No, Orange is NOT my favorite colour. It just so happens that there is orange in most of my pictures here.

Oh... and I know you haven't had enough of seeing my lil baby, so here's another picture of her! This was when she was 6 weeks old. (she's going to be 3 months soon!! can you believe it????)She's not wearing orange...YAY!!! 

But oops! She's not wearing anything else!!!


  1. As Shakespeare said:"What's in a name?" Call her what you will, she will still remain your adorable little darling.

    I am a bit partial to the first mustard-seed name, having nicknamed my two daughters Tilu (after til-seeds) and Posto (after poppy-seeds).

    BTW, your little one is an ABSOLUTE DARLING!!!

  2. First time here.I hv still nt had enuf of cing her. She's a cutie-pie :) I loved the name L5

  3. i loved reading this blog...she is growing fast....i loved the L5....i think that really describes her well....

  4. Chakakuru... i read it on Kavi's blog and fell in love with the name!! :)

  5. Hmmm....4 comments.

    ONLY 4 COMMENTS?????

    waaaaaaa!!!(crying like my baby! By the way, another of her nicknames if "Nwaaaaanma" -thanks to the way she cries!!)

    I know I have more blog readers than these faithful 4 who commented.

    Right now, its a tie between chakakuru and L5. So ppl, u better hurry up and give your choice or else she shall be nick-nameless and be called baby (which is horribly boring) or she'll be called something different on every blog post and you'll be throughly confused cos I might even call her different names within the same post!!

    ok... stop procastinating and give me your comments!

  6. hmmm...ok...

    bean pod seems quite appropriate...however it doesnt seem to roll off the tongue as then i vote for...chakkakuru :)
    incidentally, my mom used to call me kadugu mani when i was young..ermm...till about 5 years ago actually...which is baffling cuz i'm bigger than her. if anything, i should be calling Her kadugu mani.

  7. Looks like Chakakuru is leading.... should I wait a lil longer???

  8. ayooooooooooooo she is SO CUTE!!

  9. Your daughter is just so cute... she looks like a darling !!! A cutie pie.. goblu toblu :) Hehehe.. I just can't stop nick naming her like this.. Came to your blog through Sucharita's...Loved it :))) And Im gonna stay here now :)