So far, by God's grace

Monday, June 8, 2009

This is where I DEMAND my readers to stand up and show me what they're made of!

hah!           just kidding... no.. 

All I want you to do is comment on my last post on my lil one's nicknames.
Here's what I wrote as a response to the comments I got at 2:16pm IST.  And since I know that putting this up as a blog post instead of a comment will gather more comments, that's what I'm doing now!

Hmmm....4 comments.


waaaaaaa!!!(crying like my baby! By the way, another of her nicknames if "Nwaaaaanma" -thanks to the way she cries!!)

I know I have more blog readers than these faithful 4 who commented.

Right now, its a tie between chakakuru and L5. So ppl, u better hurry up and give your choice or else she shall be nick-nameless and be called baby (which is horribly boring) or she'll be called something different on every blog post and you'll be throughly confused cos I might even call her different names within the same post!!

ok... stop procastinating and give me your comments!


  1. *feels the poke on the back* oww! alright alright...leaving a comment on that post now...
    yes.... is what i mean..

  2. does it have to be a cute baby calling name.. ??? how about NJ ( or with a mallu accent it can be YEN-JAY) like ?MJ in spiderman ????????? what say ????

  3. Ohh, I'm voting for this one:

    Kadugu kuttan

    Your daughter is beautiful!

  4. oyee..what's with the yelling?? So.... you're voting on nicknames for that cutie of yours huh...very interesting and is expected from you...

    anyway..i think i like what kavi came up with...but then i got thinking..chakakuru is nice cos it's almost like 'chakkare' which is a nice thing to call your lil girl..but then i kept thinking (yeah i know..amazing!) and tried to amalgamate 'nanma' and 'chakkara/chakkare' and came up with NANCHAK/NANCHUK!!!!!!..I'm brilliant!!! that's what i pick even though it's not on your list..
    Big HI to the paunch,Kavi,M and of course to NANCHUK!!!..


  5. Waah!!! everybody seems to in favour of chakakuru. But yay to Aleta, she and I go for Kadugu Kuttan. SO SWEET. Chakakuru seems appropriate for a naughty boy, but kadugu kuttan is feminine, its cute, it's also a double name (which is more in fashion, presumably).
    So, there's my marketing spiel for mustard-seed.

  6. aww

    my vote is for kadugu kuttan!

    (but red indian reminded me of my sister's first name for me... before my parents had decided what to call me... "peanut" because i was so pink!)

    btw, the picture for LLLLL is just the cutest!