So far, by God's grace

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The evil eye!!

No... this post has nothing to do with luck.

No, this post has nothing to do with superstition.

nor does it have anything to do with anything evil.

It's all about my Lovely , laughing, loveable little lady of course!!

She is beginning to prove to the world that though she might look like her dad, she certainly seems to be getting her mother's personality and talent for making funny faces!!!

Are you scared??


  1. no...but i'm grinning. Will that do? :)

  2. NO.... but i am loving looking at it .... put more up !! :)

  3. @N.A : Sure!! Keep grinning!!

    @ Amri: keep looking at it... I'll add more soon!

  4. wow u captured this pic in the right moment...she definitely has some funny expressions but love seeing it...nicely taken ..good job photographer :-)

  5. She looks like Satshya in the first pic... :)i dunno if i am imagining it or if there was a similar pic of Satshya tat u used to hv...
    Cutie, Nanma is! My fren Sanyukti happened to see some pics and she has totally flipped for her too :)

  6. Amused, yes. Scared, no. She sure comes alive before the camera. What a vivid, expressive, adorable sweetie (good genes, what say?)

  7. @ Esther: Thank you! Ash does most of the photography

    @Rox: Satshya is going to be thrilled!! By the way, did you know she blogs as well?? my baby cousin's grown up!!

    @Sucharita: She sure knows what to do to ensure a favourable response when the camera is brought in front of her!