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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stepping Stones

This is a post I wrote a little less than a year ago. For some reason I couldn't complete it, and so I didn't publish it. Today, I think its the right time. One of our dearest friends lost their unborn baby this week and as they and we come to terms with the loss, here's something that spoke out to me. .........Read on.

Two months ago, we went on a trek to the waterfalls near where my parents live. This is not a regular tourist spot, but is tucked away between a farming village and the Palani Hills. There is no road leading up to the waterfalls, and so getting there is a long, dusty and ardours climb.

We like it that way!!

No proper road means no tourists. The only people you'll encounter along the way apart from the people in your hiking group would be wandering goatherds or sometimes...just sometimes,a bunch of college students looking for a quiet place to drink/smoke/gamble/and whaterver else they do on the sly, without being spotted!

It is a rocky place, and you pass big, beautiful boulders the way. You have to cross the little stream running down from the waterfalls in two places at least before you reach your destination. The stream runs on a rocky bed, so crossing the stream would be very tricky and dangerous if not for the stepping stones. In fact, whenever we trek up there, I've always marveled at the wonderful way in which these rocks have been placed by God or some person in just the right places to enable us to cross the stream and reach our breathtakingly beautiful destination!

And then soon after I came home, I read this on some blog. Since I'm completing this post almost a year later, I dont remember which blog to offer the credit to.

"No moment from my God is a rock of burden, it's just a rock waiting to be broken apart into stepping stones."

How true! As I look back on my life, I see the big boulders that came my way, I see things I used to value so much, and people I thought were my life, I thought they were my pride and joy, and then they came crashing down the waterfall and were smashed into smithereens. Each little roughly cut rock of memory caused pain. But with time, And the smooth, clear crytstal water of healing God poured over me, as I forgave and was forgiven, these became smooth, rounded, stepping stones. And as I step on these stepping stones, they keep me from falling into the water.
And I will one day reach that beautiful destination!
My dear, dear friends, I am praying for this, for you.

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  1. Sometimes only the thought of God's greater purpose sustains us. My heartfelt condolences.