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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Not Me" Tuesday!

I've done a '"Not Me" MONDAY' post earlier.... and even though here in India, its Tuesday, I think I need to let off, confess and get a few things out of my system. So here goes. Read the blog of the woman who came up with the whole idea here : Mck Mamma. I'm a HUGE fan of hers and if you read her blog, you'll know why!

OK... Here we go...

Over the past few weeks, I did not lose my wallet at School and go through such agony over it, only to find it the very next day, in a place far, far away from where I swore I had lost it!! The fact is, my wallet decided to go for a walk on its own from the place I thought I lost it to the place I actually lost and found it! Oh, and I would never do something as irresponsible like keeping all my important documents like my PAN card, Debit cards and drivers license in the very same wallet. I am not a scatterbrain as you or my dear husband may think!

Over the last two weeks, I did not miss my ride to school on the van twice!! Even if I did, do you think I would be as crazy as to drive my little scooter all the way (22km) to work? Not Me! And even if I did, I would certainly not wait till evening to tell my husband about it!! Oh no!

What a horrible mom I'd be if I seriously thought about having an external volume control device permanently attached to my daughter's mouth? I wouldn't! And what kind of mother would watch a movie with her little daughter playing with her teether on her lap! Not me! And if the little girl fell asleep on her lap, what kind of mom would continue watching the said movie, without caring to put the sleeping baby in her crib? Not a mom like me for sure!

Aaaaahhh!! That was therapeutic


  1. and who would grin ear to ear thro reading it all! Not me uh huh

  2. Hahah! So fun to read, I never even though about what life in India would be like as a school teacher trying to get to work! (On a scooter no less! I would die, for sure, maybe because of snow, and hail, and all of those joys of Chicago)

    What fun!

  3. Hi, I'm just visiting from mckmama's blog hop. I enjoyed reading your Not Me post. I find it interesting that you are from India. It really is a small world, thanks to the internet. Happy blogging!

  4. @PJ: And who would be so so thrilled to see a new reader comment again on her blog? Not me!

    @Mrs.Teacher: Glad you came by to read my blog! I think I need to clarify though, that 'Scooter' in India refers to a ladies version of a motorbike and not the thing that kids ride on!!

    @maddie: Thanks for stopping to read and caring to comment! I'm so glad we have the internet too or I'd never have found someone as amazing as Mck Mamma!