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Friday, October 9, 2009

Plastic Brother

Plastic brother??

"what's that?" you may ask.

As you know, I've been teaching a unit on 'Families' to my class of grade2 ESl students. Most of my students have always come from fairly stable family backgrounds, but the curriculum at an International School like mine dictates that I talk about (skim over ) adoption, step parents, same sex parents etc. And so, I began our discussion on how other families could be different from ours, but also same in many ways.... and then my little Swedish girl pipes in....

"Oh Ms.D, I know that one...

My Fahr (father) has 1 seestear (sister) and two plastic broders (brothers)."

Me: Plastic brothers???

Swedish girl : " You know..... Plastic.... not real broders... but broder of another moder!!! If something not real, is plastic!!"

Hmmmm.... I see!! Now I know!!


  1. ahh..another lesson well learnt !!!!

  2. Hey there,
    Glad you wandered into my blog:) And, I already like what i've read in yours:) Looking forward to reading more. Adding you to the list of blogs I follow:)
    Primitive Lyric

  3. how true! 'if something not real is plastic!'hehehe so cute!

  4. Yay! I found your blog through UniquelyPlaced's (Drea's) blog. You blog about some fun stuff, so count me as your new "follower!"

  5. Greg will say, "Brothers from another Mother" to his friends that he thinks he is very much like but they obviously aren't related by blood.

    Plastic brothers. I like that. I really do!

  6. Amri: :) :)

    Primitive: Thank you!! I just started following yours!

    PJ: You should have seen her face as she said it!!!

    Ashley: Welcome! I always love having new readers!!

    Sukku: true!

    Aleta: That phrase is common here in India as well...That's why I found it so funny when a liil girl was saying it.

  7. hey there,
    you've been tagged!

  8. ur baby is so cute in the profile pic :) and yes, i am waiting for your post!!