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Friday, September 18, 2009

She's Here!!!!


If I wait till I get decent pictures, I might never end up putting pictures... so I'll put this one up.... Here's my liltutu tomato and her Appa....... Dont you think she looks like a tutu tomato??? Cant wait to see her today!


She is the one I've waited the longest for!!!! (my kadugu kuttan arrived 2 weeks early while this lil one took her own sweet time and came 2 days late!)

She's the one at who's thought the braincells in my brain would get all excited and jump about causing me to jump/giggle/laugh (or cry) in anticipation of all the fun we're going to have.... ( can you blame me?? I know I have an active imagination and I am the expertest architect for castles in the air!)

She's the only one in this world, I can say, I've been so so excited to meet next to my own little one.... (no explanation needed... she's my best friends baby!)

She's the little baby for whom I sacrificed seeing my own lil baby for more than 20 hrs yesterday. ( I went straight from work to the hospital and left only after she was born)

AND..... She's here!!!!.................. FINALLY!!!

Do you remember
this post?? If you weren't here as a blog reader of mine at the time that was written, go back and read!!!

Its been 9 months and more!!!! (this little girl was in no hurry to come out on her due date!) and finally my little Samaya is here!!!! She arrived in the same way Julius Caesar is supposed to have arrived all those centuries ago, via C-section at 10:45pm last night!!!
M & K are parents too!!!! woooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooo!!!! I feel like I'm a mother all over again!!!

I have a nickname all ready for her.... I was calling her "baby boing" until now, but on seeing her, I have a new name ..... She's so chubby wubbby and pinkie winkie that I want to call her my "Tutu Tomato" . I'm leaving work early today to go and see her.....Just can't wait!!!

I'll post pictures soon.... as soon as I have pictures of her that have her clean and in decent clothing , and not all covered in goop and wrapped in hospital linen like I have now!!!

Ahhhh..... she's here....!!!!!

Tell me, do you think our daughters will end up being best friends too???? Oh we so so want them to!!! U know what i mean!!

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