So far, by God's grace

Friday, October 16, 2009

Honest...not to goodness.... Scrap!

Primitive Lyric tagged me on this one. I've already done a few of thtese 'honest' scraps that if you've been reading me for a while now, you might be

  1. either bored with me rambling on about myself,

  2. or you already know enough about me to beign writing the foreword to my biography! (the one that'll be published sometime before I die, if I manage to fulfill all my dreams!!)

  3. ok.... there's no Number 3.

So here it is!

I have to write 10 honest things about me. Here goes...
  1. I am an only child, and I didn't like it at all... always wanted a big brother, but would have been happy with a little brother or sister. So everyday of my life, from when I was about 3 till I turned 16 I prayed for a baby brother or sister. I even had names picked for them!! from ages 16-20, I still prayed for a sibling, but not everyday. And then I accepted the plan God had for my life!
  2. I have known my husband, Paunch for 7 years.....been married for 2 and a half.
  3. I've always thought I was a 'good girl'. However, last Monday, I went and landed myself in the dreaded Police Records of the Chennai City Police Dept. More on that, in my next "Not Me Monday" post. (Nags... here's a hint of whats to come!)
  4. I have an unruly mop of wavy black/dark brown hair on my head, and I'd really like to do a hair exchange with someone who has poker straight hair or really curly hair.
  5. I am easily irritated, but only show my irritation openly to my husband and parents...I try to put on a smile and fake my true feelings with all others.
  6. I might be able to count on one hand (if I wanted to) how many movies I've NOT cried for.... heck! Even some mildly senti scenes from "The Hangover" will give me a lump in my throat!!
  7. I might seem like a Wuss, but when the need arises, I have been braver than most people around.
  8. I saved the life of a young man who was involved in a bike/truck accident, only to find out later that he was the younger brother of one of my school classmates. Sadly, the two other boys with him in that accident lost their lives.
  9. I am beginning to hate my "wild imagination" and am thinking of asking God to take it away from me because in the past few weeks, it has landed me in more trouble than I've ever wanted to have.
  10. If pregnancy were easier, If childbirth were not so painful, If India had a smaller population and the World were a better place for Kids, then I'd have a huge family with at least 5 kids!!


  1. Your wild imagination is what makes you ..YOU !!

  2. Ok, I'm REALLY curious about what landed you in jail! Ummm, this weekend I'm GOING to jail. But won't land there. Lol. I'll blog about that in the coming weeks.

    I think you have a beautiful personality and a strong spirit.

  3. Loved reading your ten things.

  4. Very interesting and I don't even know you! ;-]

  5. Amri: :) THanks!

    Aleta: Look out for my next 'Not me Monday' post!!!

    PJ: Thanks!!

    Ashley: Thanks! And isn't it wonderful how the internet brings people from opposite ends of the globe together??

  6. so ur not having 5 kids uhh? hhmmm

    and no: 3 - is that the only reason for which u realized u are not a good girl? haar haar haar (evil laugh)

    and no: 5 - sometimes ur not that good in faking feelings :D